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Agandi Lodge

Agandi Lodge is a new Eco friendly Lodge in Bwindi Impenetrable forest offer luxurious accommodation to travelers. It is located within the Ruhija and it is found within a few minutes walk from the Uganda Wildlife Authority briefing point.


This is a new Eco friendly Lodge in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Ruhija and a few minutes to the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) briefing point. You do not have to wake up in the Dawn to reach the Gorilla tracking briefing point. Here you are on top of the Hill.

The eco-lodge is only with a 180°C panoramic view over the primary forest and the range of volcanoes. You’ll be welcomed by a wonderful team fully available to make your stay an unforgettable experience up arrival at the Agandi lodge.
It offers typical reinvented Ugandan style accommodations only made with local materials and arts. These include the Ugandan Huts, the Volcanic Cottages and, the Tree Nests. They will bring you all the comfort you need to enjoy your stay whether you are tracking gorilla or just taking your time to visit the region.

They have the below accommodations which are self-contained with toilets and a shower.
– 2 cottages
– 2 nest trees for the ones who want sightseeing adventures.
– 2 traditional Uganda huts made with wood
– 2 platforms with grass roofs for the campers

– 1 reception and dining room with a relaxing area in front of the view
– 2 public toilets and 2 public showers for campers
– 1 campfire to spend the night for discussing, listening to stories, listening to music, taking a drink
– 1 barbecue to make it simple and warm.
– 1 green farming school garden
– WIFI is provided through 3G network.

-Traditional meals, based on indigenous and local food  prepared by local chiefs. Meals can be served:

  • at Agandi Uganda Eco-lodges in the diner room or around the campfire;
  • in the village at our partnering restaurant;
  • in a Ugandan family and have lunch/diner with them ;

Having dinner at the campfire is an old tradition in Uganda you must experience.

Agandi Eco lodge and the environment.

  • They maximize the use of renewable energies like solar for lighting and use energy efficient equipment;
  • Visitors find renewable electricity for their personal electric devices.
  • They pay important attention to water as Ruhija is not connected to the water supply network. They harvest water and treat all wastewater onsite.
  • They use improved cook-stoves for cooking and to reduce the use of firewood.
  • Part of the land is dedicated for a green farming school garden

Tourist activities at Agandi Eco Lodge

  • Nature walk
  • Bird watching
  • Community walk – especially during local market day
  • Discovering the Batwa’s (pygmies) story,
  • Vulnerable and orphan school visit ;
  • Community programs discovery
  • Bicycle riding

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