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Bwindi View Bandas

Bwindi View Bandas


Bwindi view Bandas is a budget accommodation facility located just 100 metres from Bwindi Impenetrable National park gate. While at Bwindi View Bandas, you will have stunning views of the virgin forest opposite and nestled away on the edge. The view bandas are a good facility to the budget travellers and the back packers.

Guests are guaranteed of a warm and friendly service from the staffs that are well trained to provide the finest services. The Accommodation is offered in Banda units of

Single, double and family Banda Occupancy. The dining room is the perfect place for vacationers since the meals available are tasty and well prepared. The facility has a breathtaking ambiance which is beautifully lit every night to offer a very soothing relaxing setting.

Facilities at Bwindi View Bandas
– Grocery and storage facilities
– Heated showers
– Pit latrine toilets
– Laundry services
– Picnic area, canteen and games room
-Secure parking
-Reading materials
-Informational board
-Rental facilities (tents, gum boots, rain gear, binoculars for gorilla trekkers and bird watchers.

BV Canteen
Our canteen (Restaurant & Bar) offers a snacks menu and we prepare traditional and international meals to order in advance. Breakfast is served from 07.00am and lunch boxes can be prepared for those Gorilla trekking or doing nature walks in the forest.

Tourist activities while at Bwindi View Bandas

  • It’s a short distance to Bwindi National park so gorilla trekking is made easier
  • Bird watching over 50 species are recorded in the grounds
  • Guided village and community walks
  • Fantastic view of the Buhoma Valley
  • Be entertained by the local children dance troop

Reaching Bwindi View Bandas
From Butogota to Buhoma (15 kms) private hire taxis can easily be arranged. Bwindi View Bandas will assist in helping you to arrange for your return passage to Butogota. There are several Special Hire vehicles on hand in Buhoma.

Butogota is accessible by direct bus from Kampala on 6 days of the week.

You can hire a vehicle from Car rental Uganda to avoid the hassle of accessing Bwindi View Bandas. Car Rental Uganda offers you experienced driver guides to Uganda’s National parks. Inquire about their services

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