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Chameleon Hill Lodge


Chameleon Hill Lodge is situated in Kisoro Southwest part of Uganda between Mgahinga national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park. Its 10 or 11hours drive from Kampala to Kisoro town and about an hour’s drive from Kisoro trading centre to the lodge near the shores of the magnificent Lake Mutanda.

With flawless remarkable views of the Virunga volcanoes, Hills and the stunning lake Mutanda, The lodge is well designed in multiple rainbow colors making it look like outstanding even from afar off.

The lodge offers a special blend of comfort and relaxation, where attention to detail and personalized service are paramount. As well as being the perfect base to visit the mountain gorillas, one can also enjoy a trip on the hand built boat available for excursions.

The kitchen is famous for its mouth-watering food. Specialties include bread, slowly baked in our wood fired oven, homemade muesli with handpicked ingredients and the freshest fruits and vegetables from the organic garden.

Chameleon Hill provides plenty of comfy spots and peaceful places where guests can relax. From the wooden deck overlooking the lake to the verandah in your private little garden, there will always be space to put your feet up, unwind and relax.

Chameleon Hill has 10 luxury chalets designed to provide guests with privacy and tranquility.

Each room has its own unique charm and character, with its own color scheme and private garden, they all share stunning views across the lake.

Each chalet is equipped with a modern en-suite bathroom and apparently the best showers in Uganda with a panorama window to enjoy the lake and volcanoes even when you shower.

Early morning tea or coffee is brought to your room so you can take in the views sitting on your spacious veranda before going for breakfast, gorilla tracking or any of our other activities.

It’s also a mosquito free area. Chameleon lodge also provides accommodation for driver guides just within the lodge at friendly prices.

Chameleon are often seen around with bird species such as pin tailed whyder the lodge stands on over 1800 above sea level explaining it’s ultimate views of the surrounding areas the lodge also contains a library located in the lounge area with a number of travel books


  • The lodge contains ten chalets with five double rooms and five twins
  • Two beds in twins rooms
  • One large bed in double rooms
  • Extra beds are also available on request for double rooms
  • A net for each bed
  • Rooms contain birth room with shower flashing toilet and sinks
  • Extra blankets in case it’s very cold

Towels, umbrellas and wardrobe in each room


  • Canoeing at Lake Mutanda
  • Boat riding at the lake
  • Trekking Mutanda Island
  • Visit criminal sites where criminals were punished and killed
  • Track pythons at Python Island
  • Gorilla trekking at Bwindi which is about 45minute drive from the lodge
  • Hiking the islands
  • Biking
  • Cultural and community walks
  • Nature guided walks


  • Security
  • Library
  • Campfire with barbeque in the evening
  • Electricity from 7pm to 10:30pm
  • Parking yard
  • Laundry services

A deck overlooking the lake and magnificent views

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