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Kigezi Forest Cottages

Kigezi Forest Cottages (KFC) is an outstanding recreational resort built in Southwestern Uganda, Kambuga in Kanungu District. It offers accommodation to travelers looking to gorilla tracking in the north of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.


Experience the unusual night stay, great meals and ultimate relaxation at Kigezi Forest Cottages, a 3-star hotel property located in Kigezi region, Southwestern Uganda. The Kigezi Forest Cottages is strategically built on a hillside expanding over 10 acres and offers uninterrupted views of the naturally lush rainforest of Bwindi National Park.

At Kigezi Forest Cottages, expect a luxurious night stay in one of the 11 cottages with each accommodating guests comfortably. The cottages that make up this premier property take different names like Bunyonyi cottage, Rwenzori, Kabalaga, Nengo, Kereere cottage, Mgahinga, Bwindi and Kisiizi cottages. There are also five addition hostels fitted with 20 beds.


Getting to KFC is easier by road and from Kampala; you need 8-9 hours to drive to this facility.

Room types

KFC is comprised of varied comfortable room types like single executive cottages, double executive cottages and family executive cottages; meeting and conference rooms and other facilities.

Conference room

When it comes to conferences, meetings and workshops, KFC still has you sorted. The facility has the best venue accommodating small and large groups. The venue is fitted with projector, white board markers, white board, writing pads, free Wi-Fi, stand staffs, public address system and refreshments.

Available services

Beyond accommodation stay, enjoy some of the best services including massage parlors, camping, conference and meeting, all at the most affordable rates.

What makes KFC different?

At KFC, expect the best accommodation, great meals that guarantee value for money, ample parking, daily free room cleaning, iron and board on request, standby generator, mini-fridge, sand kids play ground, free Wi-Fi access, complimentary breakfast, transportation, in room dinning, swimming pool, best restaurant and food services, etc.

Things to do

Gorilla trekking –leave KFC for a memorable gorilla trekking experience at Buhoma sector. At Buhoma, you have gorilla groups like Rushegura, Mubare, Katwe and Habinyanja –all these are open for actual gorilla trekking.

Swimming –at leisure, enjoy the best of swimming experience in the facility’s extensive swimming pool. This is perfect for recreational experience which can be done by anyone regardless of their age.

Nengo experience –set off to the Mitano River on steep slope hike about 1 and half hours walk through the lush vegetation. Expect great learning, especially on local gin is made by locals in the area.

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