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Mutanda Eco Community Center

Mutanda Eco Community Center


Situated at about 6 kilometers from Kisoro Town in South-western Uganda is the exceptional Mutanda Eco Community Center, a community managed Eco-Lodge offering budget accommodation for tourists interested in exploring the magnificent Lake Mutanda. This is a perfect accommodation for tourists looking for a quiet and secluded place to stay away from the noisy towns or for a getaway.

This small facility is found at the southern shores of Lake Mutanda and offers accommodation in form of camping facilities and food to tourists on Uganda safaris. Due to the camp’s closeness to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, the facility is also an ideal choice for tourists visiting the two destinations for gorilla trekking safaris.

Mutanda Eco Community Center (M.E.C.C) is an ecotourism Center established by MCDO in collaboration with the MbiriMbiri Foundation also at the Southern shores of Lake Mutanda as a way of allowing locals community members to benefit from tourism.

Besides the comfortable Lodging facilities you will enjoy, there are several activities you can enjoy within the surrounding Lake Mutanda and they include otter viewing, village walks, boat rides, swimming, snake safaris, birding, Canoeing, entertainment in traditional dances and drams, making of arts and handcrafts and nature walks among others.

Not only that, tourists interested in Volunteer opportunities can visit this Center and some of the Volunteer activities include teaching Conservation education at the close by Chihe primary school, teaching swimming lessons to the children of the surrounding villages and working at the Health Centers among others.

Mutanda Eco Community Center offers a wide range of accommodation facilities in form of;

Suites Camp

The Suite Camp within M.E.C.C consists of a platform structure on pillars and a roof. This platform is raised from the ground and offers a floor for different tents. The tents are offered by the M.E.C.C and work in form of simple versions of lodging facilities or advanced way of tenting but you will have to carry your own tent for these ones.  The Camps are on a raised platform to protect the Camp from the ground and rain. There plans to use solar panels as a way of preserving the environment. Not only that, the roof also protects the Suite Camp from unfavorable weather conditions.

Cottages or Bandas

There are currently 4 Cabin Bandas that can accommodate up to 10 guests hence ideal for group tourists.

Camping Site

Camping Site is available for tourists who travel with their own tents. The advantage is that prices are very affordable hence worth trying for budget tourists.


Mutanda Eco Community Canter has a dormitory with 2 bunk beds that can accommodate up to 4 guests.

Generally, there are also a number of activities worth enjoying when you visit this facility and they include swimming within Lake Mutanda, swimming lessons, snake visits, identification of medicinal plants and other biodiversity species, bird watching and canoeing among others.

Therefore, Mutanda Eco Community Center is an exhilarating accommodation facility worth exploring for tourists who visit Lake Mutanda. This facility takes pride in its Suite Camps, Camping Site and Cottages.

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