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Silverback Lodge

Silver back lodge is located in Buhoma sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in western Uganda and only a 5 minutes’ walk to the national park. It has very good views of the valleys and forests that surround the famous Bwindi.



Silver back lodge is located in Buhoma sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in western Uganda and only a 5 minutes’ walk to the national park. It has very good views of the valleys and forests that surround it especially a 124-square-mile UNESCO site home to approximately 350 mountain gorillas mammals, 346 species of birds, and 163 species of trees.

This is the largest lodge in the area and remains one of the best value properties in the region in terms of comfort and hospitality.

The lodge has very good rooms built and designed using local materials, such as forest vines, sisal rope and purple slate stone. Each room has an en-suite bathroom with hot water showers and comfortable chairs on the veranda for viewing the spectacular scenery that surrounds the lodge and the valleys.

The restaurant has dishes varying from local to international, and the dining experience is as intimate as possible.

The Summit Bar is well stocked and in a comfortable setting which is perfect for sharing the day’s adventures of gorilla trekking, primate watching and bird viewing with family and friends.

The lodge has beautiful gardens, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the magnificent landscape of Bwindi forest after a long day’s hike. You can do some activities while at the lodge and these include:

  • Gorilla Tracking to see some of the remaining mountain gorillas in the
  • World through the undergrowth and thick creepers of the dense Bwindi rainforest.
  • Visit the Popular Waterfall Trail which provides attractive forest features including a profusion of tree ferns, orchids, epiphytic ferns and Bwindi’s colourful array of butterflies. The trail leads to 3 delightful crystal clear waterfalls.
  • Have a Nature walk.
  • There are 4 fantastic hiking trails where you will have an opportunity to see primates, different species of birds, butterflies, trees and other organisms.
  • Take a visit to the local traditional healer, There normally cultural performance in the evening, which are presented by women and orphan groups around the park.
  • Do Bird Watching
  • Bwindi Impenetrable Forest holds over 346 species of birds and contains 90% of all Albertine Rift endemics, impossible to see in any part of East Africa. For the ornithologist, more than 100 bird species can be identified in a day.
  • Visit the Munyaga River Trail
  • This trail provides short walks for visitors with very little time to spare. It gives you an opportunity to see birds and primates as well as other wildlife within the forest.
  • The River Ivi Trail
  • This trail is the longest in the park and will occupy you for a full day. It is highly recommended for those with a soft spot for bird watching. The 5.2km Muzabajiro Loop
  • Trail offers breath-taking views of the forest and the Virunga; on the way you witness hundreds of pre-historic tree ferns. The top of this trail is a great place for a picnic lunch.
  • The Rushora Trail
  • The trail commands expansive views across Park Nationale des Virunga.

Have the Bwindi Batwa Trail

Tourist activities of the Bwindi Batwa Trail include:

  • Hike through the forest past stunning vistas and the serenity of this ancient rain forest. Along the way, you will watch demonstrations of how the Batwa used to live in the forest, how they use medicinal plants, and how they hunt and gather.
  • You will also find out about the delicate fare on offer in the forest, including wild honey, yams and mushrooms.
  • Visit traditional dwellings and try out the dancing!
  • Also buy crafts and souvenirs from the locally made crafts shop, owned by the Batwa community.

Reaching silverback lodge

By road: Mbarara – Bwindi via Kabale (4-5 hrs drive)

Mbarara to Kabale is about 140 km; proceed via Kisoro road and turn right after 26 km following Bwindi National Park signposts. Use the road through to Ruhija and drive 40 km to a T-junction turning left, then follow signage for Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and drive 10 km to Silverback Lodge.

Mbarara – Bwindi via Ishasha route (3 – 4 hrs drive. Mbarara to Katunguru bridge (about 110 km); drive in the park for about 100 km where you will find a Y-junction, take the left road following signposts to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and proceed to Kihihi Y-junction. Here turn right and drive for about 14 km to Kanyantorogo T-junction, turn right and proceed to Butogota. After 2 km you will find a T-junction, turn right and proceed for about 18 km to Silverback Lodge.

By Air: Average 1.5 to 2 hrs light.

Morning private charter or scheduled flights can be arranged from Entebbe Airport or Kajansi Airstrip (about 25 km from the airport. For small groups/families of 1 – 5 persons, Kayonza airstrip is ideal which 25 km to Silverback Lodge is. This would strictly be on private charter basis as scheduled lights do not use this airstrip.

Larger groups can use Kihihi or Ishasha airstrips, which are about 60 km from Silverback Lodge.

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