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Best Nature / Forest Walks In Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Best Nature / Forest Walks In Bwindi Impenetrable National Park


A walk in nature brings us to a state of being calm, peaceful by giving the green light to our over galvanized modern minds a chance to rest. Nature walks reduces our stress, it keeps us away from depression, and it helps us to relax. It also adds on our awareness spans and memories, reduces anxiety levels, and acts as a source of gentle exercise. Sparing sometime in the natural world of Bwindi forest slows us down and makes us feel at ease. Forest walks can be very essential as an additional therapy for those with high levels of stress.

You can either call it nature walks or forest walks but the real experience is about penetrating the impenetrable forest of Bwindi forest national park by using your foot. A nature walk in Bwindi unwraps the beauty of the park satisfying travelers with a unique affection of a natural virgin forest, adorable tunes of birds singing up in the trees and also being in the presence of wild animals like mountain gorillas, baboons, L’Hoest’s monkey, Red-tailed monkey, and duikers among others. Many people visit bwindi mainly for gorilla safaris; however a few who have engaged in a forest walk can testify how life transforming the experience is. A forest walk discovers all the secret treasures in Bwindi, which most clients have frequently missed out. To retain energy, hikers are reminded to bring along enough drinking water, snacks and soft foods which are energy giving as well as putting on hiking boots, gloves, huts to help in the sun, long sleeved shirts and trousers to control the unpredictable forest weather.

These are some of the common hiking trails in Bwindi Forest National Park:

Buhoma community walk reveals to you to the local people who stay close to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and their culture. In village walks you acquire knowledge of the cultural ways; you get access to locally made art crafts, their dances, their traditional way of cooking, the Brewing as well as their local medicines. The Buhoma Village Walk gives one an opportunity to observe the people neighboring to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. In addition, it is to good way to offer direct support to these local communities.

Munyaga river trail is one of the simplest foot paths in the forest, which takes about 2 hours beginning at the end of Buhoma road through the Bizinge creek connecting to the bank of Munyaga River. The trail is round in a way that it alternate back to the commencing point without necessary turning back. You will stop by River Muyaga and watch women washing their clothes while using their hands (in the customary way) not with machines and alongside the rocks you will appreciate a breathtaking view of various multicolored butterflies. River Munyaga is also a good spot for birding excursions and is a site for most birds some of which are endemic to the forest down with a pretty view of river Munyaga which all provide travelers with a remarkable experience. It is easy to be your own guide due to its nearness and short cuts needed to reach the end point.

Muzabajiro loop trail is adequate to a hike that involves visitors to cross over the Muzabijiro tributary before ascending via canopy forest to Ruhubra hill. However after the destruction of the forests, today the abundant vines and slippery bole of dead tress offer breathtaking views of the national park which covers up the trail.

Waterfall trail: There is a waterfall in the middle point of the farm land; this trail lasts for roughly three hours to reach the waterfall. On the sides of the hills a diversity of tea is cultivated and obviously you can take some back home to enjoy in your country with friends and family. And this will give you a reason to remember your experience within Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Rushura hill trail. This is the most exhausting hike in the forest and it lasts for about 3 hours to the highest point of Rushura hill at an elevation above sea level. This trail hikes through the forests and the top of the mountain gives tourists a splendid sight of the western rift valley, Lake Edward, Rwenzori Mountains and the Virunga volcanoes. The most fascinating things about this trail are that it ascends and descends through the cultivated lands and new rejuvenating forest.

Bamboo trail: This trail is positioned at the highest point at an altitude of 2,607m/8,550ft above the sea level at Rwamunyo forest. It takes roughly 6 hours to reach at the end point. The bamboo trail gives travelers chance to walk through different types of vegetation which include bamboo forest, alpine vegetation until you reach the afro montane vegetation which is at the highest point.

River Ivi trail: This trail leads to the southern area of the national park and is mainly used by the local people when they going to local gardens and markets. The trail takes about 6 hours when following the old road in the forest. While in this trail, tourists are heartened to observe a lot like local people, monkeys, bush pigs, birds and mountain gorillas and many others. You can start your hiking in this trail either from Nkuringo or Buhoma depending on where you stay.

Also visit the Batwa pygmies community the initial inhabitants of this forest. However, when Bwindi Forest National Park was established the batwa lost their home. Finalize the trip with entertainment of a traditional dance. Three hours of a very rewarding informative pleasurable walk that offers you an opportunity to directly support this local community

Let the sense of tenderness that flora and fauna gives us fill you with each breath. If you feel it is proper and you want to give gentle thanks for the beauty of the world and its serene stillness, indulge in a nature walk to Bwindi Forest with us.

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