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Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi

Best time for Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Best time for Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi ,

To all having it abreast that a fantastic and satisfying trek can be done on any single of the 356 days, however, a typical traveler’s expect on a gorilla trekking tour on a region holding the largest Lake in the Continent that is being crossed by the famous latitudinal imaginary line experiencing an equatorial climate adding to the fact that it lies on a raised topology and known to be on a threat of climatic change concerns, a common effect of Global Warming, is a much unpredictable weather condition and, who knows?, a great day with a chilly rainbow like morning sun opening could end up with a Gumboot stroll, limping over muddy rain eroded soils back to a warm comforting lodge room to be steamed on a short while of arrival by hot boiling coffee to help rescue the cold day.

So looking forward to an optimal maximize of a typical day Gorilla trek experience after spending a couple of dollars on a visit to gorilla invaded Virunga Massif region, wouldn’t make sense starting up your day with a four wheel drive trying to get through a much slippery and muddy roads and then to the slippery terrains to get to the Gorillas in the rainy season well knowing that the relatively drier days of December to February and June, July, August and September can surely guarantee a dusty though non hike shoe or tyre sinking routes. This alone is a hustle free win situation for the Gorilla hike achievers who realize that these two dry seasons are the perfect planning time to schedule for gorilla trekking in Uganda. It is also common knowledge that this time is most rushed for by most tourists as well as the malaria bacterial spreading agents, the mosquitoes, but why should this even be a bother for the advanced tour planner who gets all the bookings done in time and having an insect repellent at the back pack.

Just to help clear doubts about the permits getting exhausted as common for those traveling Bwindi, largely known to be a much flexible multi regional Gorilla sites of over 580 Gorillas, we still have the one of the best Gorilla family in the easy sun penetrating Bamboo forests of Mgahinga, the Nyakagezi , a newly habituated Gorilla family in Uganda, a fun loving primate family who just love to relax out within a reachable range or further still Mountain Gorillas can still be trekked in the Virunga National Park in Congo and the Volcanoes in Rwanda, with the later three stretching to a full coverage of 434 square kilometer Virunga Conservation area.

The rainy season can be an ideal trekking season for one outstanding core fact that the Gorilla families no longer see a justified reason to move on the higher altitudes for freshly green moist conditioned vegetation as a common routine in the dry season and less hours of trek can just land you to the perfect spot on a lucky day. However this can’t hide the fact that the much thicker and dense forest demands for a photographic expert with the latest camera to get the perfect shot of Gorillas especially for those trekking in the Bwindi Impenetrable forest that just seem not to allow bright sun rays get to the base. This, season is still a budget season to travel, for most of the accommodations lowering their booking price tags to instill excitement to travelers targeting the wet season still doesn’t dispute the fact that the dry season still takes the toll of votes on the best time of the year to glue oneself to a gorilla trek.

Gorillas, Hikes and Fitness

Gorilla trekking, a maneuver of one trail after the other, terrain on terrains, of different adverse conditions of muddy to uphill steep molded landscape that will eventually call for sweat breaking and out of breath strenuous hiking sessions. And from here is where the question of “Am I really fit enough to participate on a gorilla trek?” It is a common thing to plan and ask for the easiest Gorilla families to trek, but as it stands; your day still, highly depends on the Gorillas who can decide to move further to a wider range and deep, as much expected to be part of their daily routine to search for a much better nestling ground than the previous or even to keep distance off rival Gorilla groups. So, should you always have a change of mind now that it just seems beyond your limit to continue the trek even when you are already in the middle of the tracking session?, absolutely not. Bear in mind that this experience perhaps will turn out to be the most memorable of all, which of course is, unmatched of any other safari exploration.

How to get along the fitness hurdle Fitness Work out:
“A stitch in time saves nine” so do you have to pay due discipline. ‘Step on gas’ for a Gorilla trip in a sense that amidst your busy work schedules, there stands an allocation to get your body fitness in shape for the upcoming real physical test through the jungles. Three to four hours on Five or six months of jogging, hiking, walking, gym work out, and attends to fitness classes will physically and psychologically get you into the right state for gorilla hiking.

Use a walking stick:

A proper hiking gear of comfortable traction fitted hiking shoes, long sleeve shirts and trousers, hats and sunscreen wouldn’t just be enough when it comes to get through slippery trails. Get yourself a walking stick, preferably one that will keep you to your upright position, will provide a steadiness. Available to any art gallery shop, or even availed at accommodations as special offers to esteemed clients, and in most cases offered freely at the briefing point, walking sticks are part essentials for trekking.

Hire the services of a porter:

At the tinniest dollar spent, you can get yourself relieved off the gravity obeying zip lock backpack; carrying all trekking essentials; packed lunch, bottled water, insect repellents, that just seem to make you feel “two steps forward, one step backward” situation. A total give back to the community on the other perspective look, these hired porters are quite physically fit enough to lend you a hand on difficult trails besides heavy load packs in their backs and are not only used to the long hour walks but also used to the incline of trails within the gorilla trekking routes.

So, what else do I have to say but a perfect timing for a gorilla trek of course during the high seasons coupled with a descent level of fitness will surely be the best way to enjoy a gorilla trekking experience.

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