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Gorilla Trek

Likelihood of Seeing Gorillas: Things That May Stop You

Likelihood of Seeing Gorillas: Things That May Stop You

Gorilla Trek

Most of the article writers argue that gorilla trekking in most of the countries is guaranteed. Yes, I can agree with them to some extent but there some factors that can hinder people from encountering gorillas in their natural environment.

Gorilla trekking is conducted in many countries but in this article, let me give a sample of the popular countries: Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Central African Republic & Congo Brazzaville. In some countries like Uganda, if all the requirements needed for a gorilla safari trek are fulfilled, there are 99% chances of meeting Gorillas in their natural habitat, but why not 100%, below are reasons:

Natural calamities like floods, landslides and snow among others can stop guests from meeting Gorillas in their natural habitat.  For that case, the guests can trek in a near future or refunded their money paid in advance to secure a gorilla permit.

Political unrest through riots and wars can turn to be a stumbling block to Gorilla trekking. It should be noted that most of the rebel activities are done in forested areas where Gorillas stay. A case in this article is Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo which sometimes attacked by rebels which forces the authorities to halt Gorilla trekking until the condition stabilizes.

Gorilla characters – sometimes gorilla get upset or charge and when they do, Gorillas turn violent and dangerous! For that case rangers can send warning signals to guests not to meet them. Semi- habituated or none habituated Gorilla families are too harsh to human being.

Failure to secure a gorilla permit – such a guest can not be allowed to go gorilla trekking. It should be noted that due to high demand for Gorilla trekking, local tour operators always advise tourists to pay and secure for their Gorilla pass in advance but misguided guest may fail to meet gorillas after failing to get gorilla permits in time. Some people do try to get gorilla permits early but because of high demand, they may find out that all permits on their date of preference were sold out.

Children under the age of 15 year are restricted by rules and regulations governing Gorilla trekking in countries like Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Children are restricted because they lack the required fitness and can not endure all the challenges encountered in the course of Gorilla trekking.

Lack of the required physical fitness- Gorilla trekking is a hustle. Therefore, guests are required to come ready to experience the hardship involved but the thrill of meeting Gorillas in their nature habitat erases the bad experience tourists go through while looking for them. In some Gorilla parks like Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda), Mgahinga National park (Uganda) and Virunga National Park (DRC), the land terrain requires you to hike hills/ mountains and slopping in the lowlands while searching for Gorillas.

The mobility of Gorillas- a case in the study is Nyakagezi Gorilla family in Mgahinga national park.  Nyakagezi moves freely in Virunga region and sometimes cross boarders to Rwanda or DRC. For that case, if you book this group and on tracking date you find it out of Uganda, you are likely to miss the view.  It should also be noted that the time and ease of meeting gorillas depend on their movement – when they move far or uplands, the trekkers are expected to spend move hours in the forest and the reverse is true. Unlucky visitors can fail to find them completely.

Poor health or disabled guests can fail to meet Gorillas for they can not keep the pace with other visitors, they can’t walk long distances yet the thirsty to encounter gorillas may exceed their ability. For that case, if a visitor is incapable of paying porters to lift him or hers, is most likely not to see gorillas.

Poverty – Financial instabilities can also hinder some one to meet Gorillas in their natural habitat. In many countries, gorilla trekking is the most expensive tourist activity. In Uganda, a gorilla permit cost US$700, in Rwanda at US$1500, In DRC, it cost US$400. Such hiked costs threaten low budget guests from attempting to go gorilla trekking.

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