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Why 4×4 Rooftop Tent Rentals are Trending in Uganda?

Why 4×4 Rooftop Tent Rentals are Trending in Uganda?


With the evolving travel sector in Uganda, there are always new trends that crop out to make the tourists or travelers stay in the Pearl of Africa a memorable one. In the self-drive safari, the rooftop tent rentals have been added to the cabin and travelers have embraced it like a savior trying to rescue a lost city. Most travelers who go on self-drive holidays wishes to use a 4×4 rooftop tent rental and also those who have used them before have conveyed superlative remarks. They say it is the best camping experience they have ever gotten.

Since it is now the most demanded rental car, most car rental companies have put them up for hire on their websites. Here is why 4×4 rooftop tent rentals are tending in Uganda:

4×4 rooftop tent rentals are adventurous

Since it is a new experience, most travelers find it very adventurous. It is some sort of camping but it is not done on the ground but done on the roof of the car. Travelers tend to sleep in the tent put on the roof on the car. While on a self drive safari, the client gets to an authorized wilderness place and camps for an overnight.

4×4 rooftop tent rentals are cheaper

By booking a rooftop tent rental, a traveler hits two birds with one stone. The traveler gets covered for both transport and accommodation services at an affordable price. A car with a rooftop tent is normally hired at cost of 150$ only which is cheaper than hiring a car for 100$ per day and then book accommodation for another 100$. It also saves time since the traveler books accommodation and transport services at ago other than booking the latter separately that can take a lot of time.

4×4 rooftop tent rentals are safe

When it comes to the accommodation part of it, it is safer than ground camping services. With the rooftop tent, the traveler sleeps at the top of the roof of the car which is almost out of reach to wild animals as opposed to the ground tents where by at times a traveler has to put up with the wild animals on a fateful day.

They are the new inventions

It is in every human being’s DNA to try out something new. Vintage is good but it is boring and not interesting some times. This also applies to the travel world, tourists or traveler leave their homes to try out something that can create stories to tell to their families and friends. Rooftop tent rentals are the newest travel services in Uganda and more so enjoyable. Every self drive traveler craves to hire a 4×4 rooftop tent rental.

As a traveler who loves adventure and camping a 4×4 rooftop tent rental is the perfect gem for you. Try it out, it won’t disappoint.

Why Go on a Uganda Road Trip?

At the end of your trip, you be in the know that Uganda is not just a mere narrative that Uganda is the Pearl of Africa, this east African country has breathtaking sceneries to encounter. It gets better when you encounter them on a road trip. Uganda is a very small country but with lots of interesting attractions henceforth making it an ideal place for a road trip. A traveler can never run of what to see right from the urban areas to the remote ones once he/she kick starts his/her road trip.

Must See Things on a Road Trip

Wondering about some of the best places to visit and things to do? Here are some of the must see things that you should incorporate in a Uganda road trip. Due to the plethora of attractions in Uganda, road trip expeditions have become very popular and over a thousands of tourists engage in them throughout the year. Uganda has so much to offer to its travelers on the road trip and here are some of what to see on a Uganda road trip;

Wildlife in Uganda

Uganda is one of the greatest habitats of unique wildlife species. This amazing country has ten national parks and over 12 wildlife reserves and sanctuaries. These habitats are spontaneously distributed in the different regions of the country. The most popular of these habitats are Murchison falls national, Bwindi impenetrable national, Queen Elizabeth national park, Kibale national park and Kidepo valley national park. These habitats have wildlife species like the mountain gorillas- one of the most sought after animal species in the world, the playful chimpanzees and different monkey species, over 1000 bird species and the incredible big five animals(lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos and leopards). A Tourist has an opportunity to encounter the mentioned wildlife species on game driver or nature walk while on a road trip in Uganda.

Water Bodies

Uganda being in the great lakes region of Africa, it has numerous peculiar water resources. Uganda over 13 major water bodies. This is a country has the longest river in the world- the might Nile and also has the largest inland water body in Africa, Lake Victoria which also dubs as the source of the Nile. It also has other water bodies like Lake Albert, Kyoga, Edward and George and Rivers Katonga, Kafu, Mayanja, Achwa. These water bodies support very many tourism activities like sightseeing, boat rides, kayaking, rafting, sunbathing and swimming.

Mountains and Hills

For those who love elevations, Uganda is the place for the expeditions. Uganda has lots of mountains and hills to hike on a road trip. These amazing mountains also have wildlife species to encounter while hiking them. Some of these mountains are reserved as national park for example the snowcapped Mount. Rwenzori and Mount. Elgon. A tourist on Uganda road trip can find true adventure while hiking these amazing mountains.

Historical and Cultural Sites

Uganda has a lot of history since time memorial but the most renowned sites are those that were popular during the pre-colonial and colonial time. Uganda has lots of tribes with different cultural norms. These all have cultural sites that give a tourist different cultural experiences. Most of the popular cultural sites in Uganda to visit are found in Buganda kingdom. These cultural sites include Kasubi tombs, Kabaka’s palace, Bulange, Kabaka’s Lake and these are all found in Buganda.

The other cultural sites include Igongo cultural site, Tooro palace, Ishenyi cultural village and Ndere centre.  Uganda also has historical and religious sites like Namugongo shrine, Parliament, Uganda museum, Bahai Temple, Old Kampala Mosque, Namirembe and Rubaga Cathedral and Makerere University.

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