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Trekking to see mountain gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda or Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is undoubtedly the most exhilarating experience but it is also very accommodating that even persons with disabilities can take part and so are the pregnant women. It is possible to go on a gorilla safari in the wild even when […]
Has gorilla tourism peaked its peak? Uganda today receives an incredible number of tourists interested in visiting the gorillas in their natural home. During the peak months of June to October, gorilla permits have become scarce and many bookings from prospective tourists are being turned down by tour operators. Gorilla trekking in Uganda has become […]
Bwindi impenetrable national park is the most famous mountainous rain forest in Uganda and the best place to track endangered mountain gorillas in Africa. It has four sectors where travelers go for gorilla trekking safaris; Nkuringo, Ruhija, Buhoma and Rushaga. Among these, Buhoma was the first sector to be created with one gorilla family Mubare […]
This year has been a good one for all those that are interested in gorilla trekking as we do have new gorilla families in Bwindi forest in Uganda. There has been very many dynamics in the original gorilla families where we had some old gorilla families separating to form new gorilla groups while others have […]
Bwiruka,one of the most senior adult female mountain Gorillas in Nshongi Family has passed on.Trackers discovered her body on Monday.She is said to have recently grow frail and used to be sighted trailing the rest of the group with difficulty. Bwiruka was during her hey days, known to be a favourite among the older men […]
Friends of the coveted Mounted Gorillas world over are in a sombre mood over the demise of the most celebrated and perhaps oldest male gorilla popularly known as Ruhondeza (The- one- who- likes- to sleep). Ruhondeza believed to have been well over 50 years old came to the limelight as the leader of the first […]
On a beautiful Tuesday morning laden with a heavy cloud hanging over head the return of a great man was marked. He had come to yet again to track mountain gorillas of Bwindi which event summed up a remarkable quarter in the lives of the Bwindi’s mountain gorillas. The rainy season could not in any […]
The gorilla treks through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest of Uganda to see the rare mountain gorillas are exclusive forays that begin in a tranquil agricultural valley. The tranquil was shattered on Monday when 8 tourists including an American couple were hacked or killed top death in the forest by a gang of rebels. These were armed […]
Bitukura group is grappling with the loss of one of the many silver backs it had to the opposition Kyaguriro the research group. Another silverback, Rukara crossed to the group in one of their many interactions. These two families always have an inter locked range. This has left Ndahura the dominant silverback of the group […]