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Mishaya Consolidates His Position as Dominant Silverback in Break-Away Group

Mishaya Consolidates His Position as Dominant Silverback in Break-Away Group

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Mishaya is living a contended man having engineered a successful but bloody secession from his Nshongi brother in mid July 2010. He is very pompous and always casts a cautious look around just in case of need for engaging the enemy. Since his break, he has not been at peace as he often fights off wild groups in this part of the forest keen to grab the female at the slightest of chances. Mishaya that said is living his dream.

The family goes about feeding on largely the Mylopsis vines and Marianthus plant so abundant in his home range. While in company of guests, Mishaya often raises his voice a constant reminder to whoever that he is firmly in charge. He has though toned down the levels of aggression. It looks unbelievable to see him very calm and settled a trait he lacked when formerly under the domineering Nshongi.

Being the stubborn man he was once known to be, he at times leads the family off from the park environs to feed on banana plantations adjacent to the park. His favorite female is Bakunzi whose company he always keeps around with him. He never leaves her alone. It is probably is the reason why Mishaya on many occasions is seen carrying and grooming Bakunzi’s baby.

The adult females Mwiza and Nyampundu are preoccupied with carrying and tending to their babies. Though his home range is quite wide and prone to incursion with other groups of gorilla especially the wild kind, he does not look shaken to lead the group. The group largely operates with in a very hilly terrain requiring you to be in a good body shape to track it. The infants are mostly so excited with human activity. They roll mimic and dance at any slightest opportunity undeterred with our with human presence.

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