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Bwindi Gorillas

Plan Your Gorilla Safari Early Enough

Plan Your Gorilla Safari Early Enough

Bwindi Gorillas ,

Visiting the gorillas in there natural habitats is one of the most interesting but challenging safari activities which require early preparations before setting off to the gorilla park. Mountain gorillas are known as the second closest relative of man after the chimps which shares almost 98% of human genes. Mountain gorillas are known as endangered species published by the world heritage site, only about 900 individuals are said to exist world-wild and they are shared by only three countries including Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo. These endangered apes can only be seen in their natural habitat deep into the forest not in zoos like many other wildlife and primate species. Although they look aggressive, they are the most peaceful animals on earth if not threatened. They are habituated to human standards and they can be tracked safely in their natural habitat without any danger caused to human.

Gorilla tracking is the most done activity attracting a huge number of travelers whole over the world who jet into one or two of these countries to meet the few remaining apes in their natural habitat to spend some precious time with these animals. However, for anyone interested in gorilla tracking it’s recommended to prepare in time, this include gathering gorilla tracking information like which country is best suit for gorilla tracking, best time to go for gorilla tracking, tracking gears for the activity such as sturdy pair of walking shoes/boots, long sleeved shirts or blouses, first shoot cameras, water proof jacket, bag, insect repellent among many other things are considered vital. Also search about on the genuine tour and travel company/ tour operator which you will use to book for you a gorilla safari package that comes with a gorilla permit.

Also you should know your budget, how much will you spend on the whole safari, if all these among many others are put into your consideration your gorilla tracking safari will be a memorable one. Early preparations also include booking in time the gorilla tracking permit with a trusted tour and travel company. it should be put into consideration that gorilla tracking are on a very high demand, sometimes permits  get finished so early, so the earlier you secure your gorilla tracking permit the better at least 2-5 months prior to your tracking dates to avoid disappointment caused by last minute booking.

Please note that gorilla permits are sold on the first come first served basis. You should book through a recognized tour and travel company to book your permit in time.  After sending the money for gorilla tracking, a tour company you’ve booked with will go ahead and book your gorilla permit.  You will be requested to send your passport details, and later a scanned copy will be sent to you as a proof that your permit is secure. The rest of the many should be sent at least 1 month to your safari so that bookings for your accommodation, transportation should be made

Gorilla permits differ from country to country, in Uganda gorilla permits costs US$700 per person per tracking in the high season and at times there are discounted offers from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

In Rwanda, gorilla permits cost uS$1500 per person an in the democratic republic of Congo they cost usd$450. The gorilla permit includes park entry fee and ranger guide fee, so it’s you to decide where to track from. Once everything is done, on the day of gorilla tracking, you will report to the park headquarters before 1:30am to receive short briefings from the park wardens or senior ranger guide about the dos and don’ts while with the gorillas like the distance covered from the gorillas, keeping in the tight group, not making un necessary movement and noise, follow the guide’s instructions among many others, you will also be allocated to the gorilla family and arranger guide. After a short briefing, follow the ranger guide to the forest to begin the search of our close relatives passing through thick forest which is sometimes muddy with steep slopes. Once gorillas are met, you will only be allowed only one hour with these animals. The time taken to meet the gorillas is unpredictable since meeting them depends on where they last spent their night and also on the gorilla family tracked, however tracking time lasts from 1-8 hours searching for them.

Gorilla tracking is incomparable so early preparations are rewarding, so prepare for a memorable safari. For more information about gorilla preparation and tracking contact us

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