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Silverback Rukara Crosses to Kyaguriro from Bitukura

Silverback Rukara Crosses to Kyaguriro from Bitukura


Bitukura group is grappling with the loss of one of the many silver backs it had to the opposition Kyaguriro the research group. Another silverback, Rukara crossed to the group in one of their many interactions. These two families always have an inter locked range. This has left Ndahura the dominant silverback of the group with only two Silver backs out of the original four it has previously boosted of Its security lines have as a result been greatly trimmed.

It is for this reason it is believed that Rukina, the dominant Silverback in Kyaguriro is ever daring Bitukura for a duel whenever the two groups meet. Due to that, Ndahura family often perefers to range near the outpost range of Ruhija as opposed to the deeper forest cover which has been taken over by the Kyaguriro family.

Meanwhile ,news from Mubare Family looks bright as the group seems to have overcome the stress that accompanied the death of the old silver back Ruhondeza. Kirinvi from Rushegura has again crossed back to Mubare having originally freed back to her original group. The young Silverback Kanyonyi was seen moving around with an evident swagger. He is lately so protective of her as the latest addition to the family as he continues to lure famales to his new empire.

The family continues to brave and cope up with the realities of the new establishment. Unfortunately however, Matama BB left the group to flee from the constant harassment he was receiving from SB Kanyonyi. It is because the new SB was evidently viewing him as a serious threat when he became of age. The traits here are a clear manifestation of the father Ruhondeza who could get rid of opposition whether real or imagined.

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