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An adult Gorilla is a large animal, mostly of black color. But the darkness of color depends greatly on the geographical area from where the animal belongs. Female Gorillas start mating at the age of 8 years, and male Gorillas at the age around 12. After the mating process, the gestation period is about 8.5 months. The baby Gorilla is small and is covered with black hairs.

Typically, baby Gorilla weighs about 2.5 kilogram and the mother Gorilla keeps the baby in her hands. She always remains careful and cautious about her baby, until they reach a particular age.

At the age of two, Gorilla can eat and chew branches. It is also said they develop twice as fast as normal human beings.

When Gorilla is 3 years old, it is able to crawl and move from one place to other. The Gorilla becomes young at the age of 5 or 6.

The height of the Gorilla stops increasing at the age of six. Weight of Gorillas at this age is about 70 kilogram and height is around 4 ft. Female Gorillas also mature at the age of six. Male Gorillas mature at the age of about 11 or 12 years.

At the age of maturity, mountain Gorillas get grayish or silver color hairs.

This is why they are also called as ‘blackbacks’. Female Gorilla, on the other hand is termed as ‘silverback’. The height of Gorilla at the age of maturity is about 5.5 ft and after the age of maturity, the ceases to grow.

Though the longest living Gorilla is recorded at the age of thirty five years, the actual life span of mountain Gorilla is difficult to determine.

But according to an estimate, mountain Gorillas, in wild, have an approximate age of twenty to twenty five years. Wild Gorillas are easily identifiable due to their extremely large size than ordinary Gorillas and their silverback coloring.

Gorilla Breed
Gorillas are among the most dangerous and outstanding nature animal in world. They are similar in appear to the structure of human being and that is why some scientist refer them to human category.Gorillas do not have a fixed season for breeding just like the human beings so this feature is also similar to human beings.

The female Gorilla can menstruate 28 days of the month. It takes 9 month period for the gestation of people to produce an infant Gorilla. After weight of new born Gorilla is about 2 kilogram.

Females take control of their younger ones till 3 to 4 years. Females start giving birth as soon as they get and mature and older than 10. They give birth to infants at the period of every 4 years. But the average found by the latest research says that they produce a child Gorilla after every 6 to 8 years as there species is dense in world. Males of the Gorilla family normally breed after they get over 15 because of there appearance.

The mother of the infant Gorillas can take care of one baby at time and it she have more than or multiple babies then she may also kill to breed one because she may find difficult to care both at time. She takes control till the baby Gorilla is about 3 to 4 year older. The baby Gorillas get grown up twice the rate on which human babies are grown. They started to climb and crawl along with their mother at an average age of 3 and as soon as they learnt to climb they are separated from their mothers.

The family of Gorilla is dependent on mothers because they take care of younger ones. Female Gorillas help to provide there younger ones with necessary foods, transportations and also in socialization. Males mostly do not take care of the younger ones and they also defend their younger ones if there is any battle with other group or one male wanting control over the group.