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Nkuringo Community Conservation and Development Foundation (NCCDF)

Positioned in exuberant slopes of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park with magical views near DRC, Nkuringo sector is a marvelous place to visit for tourists who yearn for both breathtaking scenery and riveting cultural experience.

A visit to the popular blacksmith-called Nicholas takes memories to the Stone Age period with the sound of the sheepskin tool emitting air into a charcoal-fired furnace, from where Nicholas the skilled blacksmith attached red-hot metals, and then moulds it into several tools such as machetes, knives, saucepans. You will also visit one of the homesteads, the famous one being Cecilia’s home where you will be welcomed to several traditional grass-thatched hats housing the bedroom, kitchen-with millet grinding stone, cooking pots and distillery for making local banana gin.

You will also visit the traditional healer (called Pena) who skillfully uses plants to mix into different herbal powders, ointments and tea for treating a wide range of illness. This Foundation provides assistance to the local artisans and the local Batwa community with its handcraft shop, and also train some of the orphans who perform in traditional dances and songs at the adjacent Lodge.

For more information or booking to enjoy some of the activities of this encounter, contact them on +256 782 644432 or send access their website on www.nccdfuganda.org