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Stay Safe Children Foundation (SSCF) is a community based organisation operating in Kihihi, a town in the region surrounding Bwindi Impenetrable Rain forest.

The HIV/AIDs epidemic is having a huge impact in Uganda, where it is mainly passed on by heterosexual transmission and prevalence is estimated at 30% in some areas. Most AIDs deaths are among young adults of childbearing age – the bread winners and parents of families with an average of seven children.

This results in a very high numbers of orphaned and vulnerable children, child-led families and grandparents caring for their grandchildren. Those affected may suffer physically and psychologically, especially where resources are limited, and AIDs is cited among the leading causes of poverty in Uganda. Pressure on guardians may lead to inappropriate treatment and further distress.

SSCF aims to promote care and support to orphans, street children and those with special needs and their families and communities and to contribute to the prevention of HIV/AIDs as well as alleviating it’s impact.


  • Transform the lives of the neediest children
  • Promotion of children’s rights
  • Reduce crime, drug abuse, alcoholism and prostitution targeting street children and dropouts
  • Reduce HIV/AIDs prevalence for the next generation
  • Help young people and families to support themselves


  • Training in life skills and hygiene & sanitation
  • Raise awareness of health issues including malaria, TB, adolescence and sexual health,HIV awareness
  • Vocational training and educational support
  • Community health education programmes
  • Positive parenting support and income generation skills for families

This is a small community group making a difference to the lives of many children, with very few resources. We are helping them to build a website to publicise their work, and we hope to work with them on a sponsor programme to enable supporters to sponsor a child’s education.