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Do you know gorilla tourism? Do you know that gorilla tourism in Bwindi is an ethical form of tourism? This comprehensive resource has been prepared for travelers and researchers interested in gorilla tourism. There is much to explore on this website about where and how to see gorillas, information about gorillas, gorilla research, conservation projects and more. Would you like to visit the gorillas in Africa? Find advice and tips to tread lightly through the different places where gorilla watching is done.

Over the last 3 decades gorilla tourism has become an amazing wildlife experience for thousands of people from all the world who want to get upclose and personal with the amazing majestic creatures that we all know and love – the gorillas. Every day, travelers travel to numerous national parks where gorilla tourism is conducted to meet the endangered gorillas on an activity known as gorilla tracking. Though gorilla tracking was the first name adopted for this adventure, the use of the word gorilla trekking is more popular though it doesn’t bring the clear meaning of this adventure!

This resource is prepared for different people

  • Travellers: There is much for you to explore on this website about what where and how to see gorillas in Africa, about the gorillas, links to further information including  wildlife books and websites, advice on how to ‘tread lightly’ and possibilities for volunteering in research or conservation projects.
  • Researchers: please explore our literature pages, research on gorilla tourism, coming and past events, discussions and a range of other pages.
  • Tour operators: please explore our best practice guidelines to the development of gorilla tourism, discussions, blogs, resource pages and coming and past events.

About Gorilla Tourism

What is Gorilla Tourism?

  • Historical beginnings of Gorilla Tourism
  • Is Gorilla Tourism Commercial?
  • Gorilla Watching, a tourism Promoter and Economy Booster

Gorilla TourismMountain Gorilla Tourism

Mountain gorilla tourism is one of the most sought after experiences in the world. For visitors who are interested in trekking the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas, Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo are the only three options for you to achieve your dreams. These fascinating wild creatures have had an endless history that today the world boosts about them.

Gorilla Tourism Research

On this site we provide an extensive amount of information in many areas including:

  • research literature relevant to gorilla tourism; discussions, blog entries and book reviews on wildlife tourism topics; reports on workshops, round table discussions etc.


Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla trekking is a breathtaking adventure that requires visitors to be physically well to be able to hike through the high altitude and the thick tropical rainforests of Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo.

Gorilla Tracking Vs Gorilla Trekking – Do they mean the same?

Through gorilla tourism, numerous countries have been able to improve their economic success and as well increase conservation of these great apes. Gorilla Tourism has led to success in educating people about the importance of the gorillas and other wildlife in regards to why they are important, how they help our ecosystem and today wildlife is protected like treasures in several places.

What is Gorilla watching?
Gorilla Watching is the act of observing of the gorillas in their natural habitat. It is an activity that involves watching these mammals as they live undisturbed in their natural habitat.

Wildlife experience seekers: plan your travels!

Seek quality tour operators, Eco-accommodation, wildlife parks, and other wildlife experiences throughout Africa, look for volunteer opportunities and information on gorillas and their habitats.

Tour Operators, Researchers and Students