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Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is divided into 4 sectors. In each sector there are various habituated gorilla families that are open to tourists looking to gorilla trekking in Uganda.

Areas where gorilla trekking is done;

  1. Buhoma Area

This is found on the forest’s lowest altitude and it’s a less demanding are to carry out the activity. It has got 4 habituated families of gorillas living with in the area and these include; Mubare group, Rushegura family, Habinyanja group. Occasionally these groups have been said to visit the different accommodation facilities in the area. The other tourist activities to carry out include; village walks, mountain bike rides and the guided nature hikes.

  1. Ruhija Area

This is also another area in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park where you can track or hike through the forest to view the mountain gorillas in their natural habitats. Some of the habituated families here include the bitahura group and the Oruzongo group. The area is found at an altitude of 2350 meters and its 1000 meters higher than Buhoma. Besides gorilla trekking, the other activities enjoyed here include; bird watching, visiting the different neighboring communities as well as the stunning waterfalls.

  1. Rushaga Area

This is a part of Bwindi Forest that is located in the southern part of the forest. the area has two habituated groups that include; Nsongi group. The Mishaya silverback was separated from the big Nshongi family and formed and today it’s the leader of this Mishaya group. During the promotion of the friend a Gorilla which was conducted not so long ago, the family was part of it and several celebrities attended the launch. The other activities to be enjoyed include; : bird watching trips and guided village walks

  1. Nkuringo Area;

Nkuringo is among the most impressive places with in Bwindi Forest. The area is steep and a bit more demanding to trek however when you finally come face to face with the habituated gorillas in this area you will certainly accept that it was worthwhile. The other activities in this area include; the treks to the top of the volcanoes, guided walks to the villages. There are many accommodation facilities available with in this area and these arrange from budget to Moderate and luxury.

What is the Best Sector for Gorilla Trekking?

In most of the inquiries, tourists ask a question – What is the Best Spot for Mountain Gorilla encounter among the Four sectors of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park?