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Booking your gorilla trek: Mountain gorillas reside only in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Southwestern Uganda; Virunga National Park in Eastern DR Congo and Northwestern Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park. Booking your gorilla trek with us means a great opportunity for you to get up close with a habituated gorilla group family while in their natural habitat.

If you are planning to book your gorilla trek in Uganda, Rwanda or DRC, the best option is to use a trusted, reliable ground tour operator. To book a gorilla trek tour or permit, you must do so in advance at least 3 or 6 months early before the actual date of travel.

Gorilla Safari BookingWe are a trusted ground tour operator, offering the most outstanding gorilla safaris in Uganda, Rwanda and DRC just within visitors’ pocket range. Simply email us the details about you, the day you plan to go trek mountain gorillas and we shall take responsibility to cross-check the availability of gorilla permit and date. Our team of experts shall get back to you immediately.

Booking your gorilla trek requires you to book for a gorilla permit. This is an important tool that lets you track a habituated gorilla group in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Volcanoes National Park, Mgahinga or in the Virunga National Park. To trek gorillas in Bwindi and Mgahinga in Uganda, you should have obtained a gorilla permit.

Each of Uganda gorilla permits costs US$ 700 for foreign non-residents, US$ 600 foreign residents and shs. 250000 East African Community citizens. In Rwanda, gorilla trekkers require US$ 1500 to book a Rwanda gorilla trekking permit and US$ 450 for Congo gorilla permits. Also, take note of the cancellation policy when booking for a gorilla trek and every tour operator has its own terms and conditions.

When to book your gorilla trek

The best season to book or go for gorilla trekking is during the dry months of the year. This means you can plan to have your gorilla trek around June, July, August, September or December, January, February. During the dry season, there is low rain-fall amount recorded across the 4 national parks making it an ideal period to embark on a trek to view mountain gorillas. The trails and steep slopes are kept relatively drier making them easier to navigate through the jungles while on a search for a gorilla group assigned to you.

Booking gorilla treks in Uganda, Rwanda or DRC isn’t only restricted to the dry months but also it is fine to travel during the wet months to track gorillas. The wet or rainy months include March, April, May and October, November. It is during the rainy or wet months that gorilla safari parks experience heavy rains thus supporting growth of plenty of forage which gorillas can depend on. As a result, these apes keep within nearby areas thus making it easier to trek them within the shortest time unlike the dry season when they search for what to eat in distant areas. But the disadvantage is that, the steep slopes and trails tend to be muddy due to heavy rains thus causing some challenges while on a search for gorillas

When booking your gorilla trek, you should also consider where to have overnight stay. Tourists can make a choice from the budget, mid-range or luxury accommodation options in and around the gorilla safari parks.

What is included on your gorilla trek?

Your gorilla trek tour in Uganda, Rwanda or DRC includes the price of gorilla permit, the experience you have with gorillas, accommodation, transportation, activities except the optional ones, park entry fees, guide fees, relevant taxes where applicable.

What is excluded on your gorilla trek?

Your gorilla trek tour in Uganda, Rwanda or DRC excludes things such as international flights, telephone bills, visas, shopping bills, insurance, laundry, optional activities, tipping to mention but a few.