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Whether you are planning to track gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or any country in Africa, You must consider packing some items for use while on your trekking adventure.

  • You should come prepared with any documentation or numbers related to your gorilla tracking permit. Don’t forget to bring your passport, as you will need to show it when you check in for the trek.
  • Move to the park with some local currency for tipping a porter while in the jungle.
  • Pack Long-Sleeved Shirts or Jacket because Treks begin early in the morning, and you may be chilly at the start of your trek. Long sleeves are helpful for protecting your arms against stinging branches.
  • Long Pants because you will be encountering thick vines, fallen trees, and scratchy brush, and you will want to have protection on your legs. I found thick leggings to be ideal pants for the trek because they allowed me to move freely while still covering my legs.
  • Tall Socks – Keeping the biting safari ants out of your pants is important your guide will instruct you to tuck your pants into your socks, and tall socks are best for this task.
  • Hiking Shoes with a good grip are a must. The terrain can be difficult to navigate, including thick vines, slippery rocks, patches of mud, and more. If your shoes are waterproof, it is even much better.
  • Pack a Rain Jacket -The national parks where the mountain gorillas live are largely rain forest, and it can rain unexpectedly while on the trek.
  • Gloves .Because you keep touching plants, tree branches passing through the forest, its ideal to come along with a pair of gloves to avoid hurting your fingers and just in case you touch stinging and sticky plants.
  • Pack some Malaria Pills
  • All the national parks where you can track the mountain gorillas are located in malarial zones, and you should discuss options to safeguard yourself from malaria with your doctor and do not forget an insect repellent also.
  • Carry with you energy snacks. You will trek for a few hours then likely to stop for a bit to give everyone an opportunity to eat their packed lunches.
  • Pack a good Camera for capturing the moment. Binoculars are useful to watch and spot the gorillas from afar. Ordinary camera will be fine provided it shoots well in low light as you aren’t allowed to use flash.
  • Bring as much water as you can carry on your trek to avoid dehydration.
  • Photography is an important component of your safari and make sure that you have your camera ready, charge your batteries very well and if necessary, carry extra batteries as you will need to take as many photographs in the one hour you will have with the gorillas. Please make sure that you switch off your flash while taking gorilla photographs.
  • If it is hot, please carry a hat to protect you from the strong sun rays. You may also need to carry some sun glasses too.
  • As earlier noted, gorilla trekking can be strenuous and thus you will need someone to give you a push or a pull on the way to the gorillas. You need to hire a porter and offer him a reasonable fee.
  • You will need a Pair of sports sandals like Tevas


Lightweight wool socks

  • Swimsuit and a plastic bag
  • Small day pack
  • Flashlight
  • Film particularly fast film for the gorillas.
  • Personal toiletries
  • Small notebook

Please note that this is a guide but you can pack according to your preferences.

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