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Bwindi Loses One of Its Oldest Ranger Guides

Bwindi Loses One of Its Oldest Ranger Guides


In the wee hours of the night of 22/08/2017 today, Uganda has been awakened by sad news! Bwindi has lost one of its heroes of wildlife, Phenny Vumilia. The late has grown all his life trying so hard to protect and conserve the mountain gorillas in Bwindi forest. For as he knew the dense tropical rain forests and its huge primates the mountain gorillas are great heritage tools in the Kigezi region.  He was one of the first rangers and guides to start gorilla tourism in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in 1992. He is the grand trainer of most of the gorilla rangers in the park as he has vast information and experience in gorilla trekking and bwindi forest at large. Many gorilla trackers who have watched gorillas under his guidance have always praised him of his prowess in gorilla trekking. he is one of the founders of the kabale tourism office.

He is also the author of the guide book called “Agandi Bwindi”, a guide book, published by Judy Breay.this book is one of the most selling and informative books about the gorilla.anyone who has read this book as rates it highly. It talks about the establishment of Bwindi impenetrable national park and the conservation and preservation efforts that have been made on the tropical forests where the endangered species of mountain gorillas call a home.

He was also the founder of the first local community accommodation within Bwindi Forest – Bwindi View Guest House. This local community accommodation was established as one of the  Eco tourism initiative to make the local people know the important of conserving the natural resources around them. It is located within the park. This Eco lodge employs number of local people thus uplifting their livelihood. it is an economy class lodge of which it’s accommodation rates can be afforded by all people from different walks of lives.

He was often mentioned in the book “The Impenetrable Forest” written by former Peace Corp Volunteer – Thor Hanson, who helped in the gorilla habituation programme when it was initiated in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

The deceased has been such a nature lover in that has been so much engaging in conservation efforts  to keep the Bwindi forest and the gorillas alive. He is one of the main reasons as to why Uganda has become a popular gorilla trekking destination in Africa which has made many people around the world fall in love with nature. It is not only Uganda that has lost a great person but also the world at large due to the fact that the gorillas they watch and enjoy on their holidays are still in existence because of him

His commitment to gorilla tourism has inspired many with the Bwindi community and his legacy continues. .He will be put to rest in his home district Kabale tomorrow.May his soul rest in peace!

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