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Gorilla Census for Bwindi Kicks Off

Gorilla Census for Bwindi Kicks Off


The long awaited census has finally kicked off. Bwindi impenetrable is known to have more than half of the world’s mountain gorillas. The Teams comprising of rangers and wardens from the three countries from Uganda, Rwanda and Congo are assembled in Ruhija sector of Bwindi Impenetrable forest to begin a pre-census training.

Other key partners like ITFC and CTPH will be represented in the gorilla count. IGCP and Marx planks are the key sponsors of this year’s census which will span for a period of six weeks.  The stage seems set as all the logistical requirements needed for the census have now arrived and accounted for by the organizers.
For the next three days, the participants will be equipped with all the necessary information and practices to enable them successfully count the gorillas. Key among them will be gorilla data collection, sample collection, training on compass, GPS, and mapping among others.

After the rigorous three day training, the teams will now begin the actual tracking and counting gorillas. Most participants talked to are excited and positive about the census. The prospect of combing the entire Impenetrable forest of Bwindi is motivation enough to those supposed to take part in this historical event. Unlike the previous censuses, this particular year has been singled out as going to be the toughest given the timing in the park. September has always been a peak rain season for Bwindi which will be very challenging for the participants for the entire six weeks participant have to camp in the forest.

Despite this however, participants are very hopeful that they will have an enjoyable time in the forest. The census teams will be divided in two phases. The 1st phase will do census for two weeks to end by 23rd September when the second phase will enter the forest as the 1st phase team members rest. These will pick from where the 1st phase team stopped for another 2 weeks and rest.

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