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Gorilla Permits Increase to 32

Gorilla Permits Increase to 32


The number of permits available for visitors trekking in Bwindi had been increased to 32 after the a split of the Habinyanja group in 2002 allowing for the tracking of what is now ‘Habinyanja ‘ and ‘Rushegura’ groups and the introduction of the Nkuringo group in September 2004.

Below is a breakdown of the composition of habituated Gorilla groups in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mga Hinga National Parks as of March 2003. Group numbers obviously change for various reasons although fortunately their is a positive growth with new babies born as opposed to a demise through poaching activities. The composition of the Nkuringo group in Bwindi is very fluid. This group is living in close proximity to villagers and human deceases contracted by babies have lead to a high mortality rate of these individuals. Currently the park has logistical problems of how to get visitors to this group. Please read the Bwindi page for information on getting to Nkuringo. The Kyagurio group is a study group located in the Ruhija area of the forest. Tracking permits to visit this group are not available.

 Group Name
 Silver Back  Black Back  Female  Juvenile <4  Juveniles/Babies >4  Total
 Mubare  1  4  3  2    10
 Habinyanja  1  2  7  10  3  23
 Rushegura  1  0  5  4  5  15
 Nkuringo  2  2  9  2  5  20
 Kyaguriro  2  0  6 6  1  15
 Group Name
 Silver Back  Black Back  Female  Juvenile <4  Juveniles/Babies >4  Total
 Nyakagezi  2  0  3  3  3  11

Below is some background knowledge on how the Gorilla Permits are sold by UWA taking into account protecting local tour operators in an attempt to look after the needs of independent travelers and tourists a like.

Up to 80% of the available tracking permits at Bwindi are available for sale from UWA to members of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators up to 2 years out from the intended month of tracking. Each member may purchase up to 20 permits in any month. A deposit of 30% (US$75-) is payable on each permit booked with the balance needing to be paid 3 months (91 days) from the month of tracking by the first working day of the month Monday-Friday.

Individuals and non members of AUTO can purchase a maximum of 2 permits each in the month 3 months prior to the intended month of trekking when the booking opens on the first working Monday-Friday of the month. Permits not sold on the day the booking opens will be sold on the following day with no limits put on the number of permits purchased by an individual or tour operator.

Permits are becoming much easier to obtain at UWA in Kampala what with email booking and the acceptance of money transfers. Since the Bwindi incident in 1999 a refunds policy has now been introduced and is outlined below:.

There are now 8 permits available every day since August 2005 for each group. In Bwindi there are now 4 groups better known as the ‘M’, ‘HA’ and ‘RU’ and Nkuringo groups. The HA/RU groups came about after the ‘H’ group split early in 2002. In Mgahinga there was one habituated group known as the Nyakagezi group which moved to a territory in Rwanda in 2005 and remained.

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