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Rare Waterspout Observed at Lake Bunyonyi

Rare Waterspout Observed at Lake Bunyonyi


Tourists and locals in Kabale were treated to a spectacular sight of a waterspout off the Lake Bunyonyi, one of the most beautiful places in Uganda. The sudden phenomenon was recorded on videos and photos by both the locals and tourists and has been widely shared on social media.

Numerous videos were captured by surprised onlookers who happened to be at the island. The funnel-like shaped whirlwind is clearly visible over Lake Bunyonyi to the waters close to the Harutinda landing site.

This rare occurrence happened a little before the rains and was observed clearly for over 5 minutes by the tourists at several lodges.The spectacle later disappeared when it started raining.

Here is a recording from the Lake Bunyonyi Bird Nest Lodge taken by a local guide who happened to be at the lodge when the spout occurred.

Waterspouts are a rare occurence in Uganda! The occurence of the spouts sent mixed reactions and many panicked thinking that it was a Tornado! Have you ever seen a waterspout? Share with us via the comments.


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