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Two Mountain Gorilla Babies Born in Oruzogo Group, Bwindi

Two Mountain Gorilla Babies Born in Oruzogo Group, Bwindi


The soon to be launched mountain gorilla group called Oruzogo in the southern sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has some great news for us travellers – Two babies were born!

The dominant silverback of Oruzogo group – Tibirikwata – has held his family in an amazing shape during the habituation process with trained UWA professionals. There are news that in the preparations of opening the group to tourism, Oruzogo has increased in member size. Two gorilla babies were born just a few days ago by mothers Birungi and Mutesi! The babies are about to join Kanywani and Buchura, the prior youngsters in the group.

The rangers habituating the gorilla group have almost completed their task together with the 16 gorillas. When habituation takes place, the rangers begin to give the great apes names. For Oruzogo group, some of the names are as follows:

Busugu – means “the short-tempered”
Kaganga – means “the giant”
Bwoba – means “the coward”
Karimi – means “tongue”
Klatooto – means “the small one”
Kanywani – means “the friendly one”
Kakobe – looks like a monkey 🙂
Buchura – means “the last-born”
.. and of course the new babies in the group.

Soon, we will be able to take you to Oruzogo group on a wildlife safari in Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will create a great safari together!

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