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Uganda Gorilla Gives Birth to Twins

Uganda Gorilla Gives Birth to Twins


Kampala, Uganda – The gorilla population in western Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park grew with the birth of twins recently, and conservation authorities said the twins were in good shape.

The gorilla, named Kweitonda, gave birth to a set of twins at the park, which spreads up to restive eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.

“It is a rare experience, one of the twins is male while the sex of the other is yet to be confirmed,” said Lillian Nsubuga, Public Relations Officer at the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

It was not known when the twins were born, but Nsubuga said park authorities first observed the twins for the first time on 2 November.

She said the communities around the park are also excited about the birth of the twins, because it marked the second occurrence among the gorillas in the park.

“The first time a gorilla gave birth to twins was the Christmas season of 2004. The mother has since been renamed ‘Maama Christmas,’ Nsubuga said.

Bwindi has 340 Mountain gorillas, which is half the number of the remaining population globally.

The rest of the gorillas roam the Virungas that straddles parts of Uganda (Mgahinga), Rwanda and the DR Congo.

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