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Uganda Registers the First Mountain Gorilla Birth in 2017

Uganda Registers the First Mountain Gorilla Birth in 2017


The big news of the day: Today in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park a female gorilla called Nyakina gave birth to a healthy baby gorilla in the Oruzogo mountain gorilla family. This is Nyakina’s second baby after Nyakashunju her first baby who is now over four years old.

According to a report, the baby and its mom were seen bonding, with the mother being very protective of the new “gift to the wild” and allowing just a few lucky visitors to take prize photos.

The silverback father called Bakwate was also seen around, a very joyful dad and proud of his wife. Very beautiful and special to watch.

The story of gorilla conservation in Uganda has been a tough one, but also very interesting and successful, and it is the reason for the growing populations in this unique species of apes, with Uganda sheltering more than half of the world’s total number. Conservation efforts have permitted a very tight watch over the mountain gorilla families and over the years Uganda has watched birth after birth after birth of healthy mountain gorillas, including twins, and we are hoping for triplets soon.

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