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Ihimbo Hot Springs

When it comes to Uganda safaris, expect to explore not only mountain gorillas but also the beautiful hot springs. If there is one remarkable hot spring you shouldn’t miss to pay a visit then it is the Ihimbo hot springs in Kabale district. The Ihimbo hot springs are found in western Uganda and they take their name from the Bahima, the local residents who live around this area.

The Ihimbo hot springs are untapped natural wonder worth exploring on gorilla safari. They are found suitably along the Kabale-Katuna route, 8kms South of Kabale. Like most hot springs, Ihimbo hot springs are treasured by locals especially the Bakiga of Kigezi and Rwandese who live here for their healing power. These hot springs are believed to have healing minerals that treat persons suffering from backache, rheumatism plus many other ailments.

The Ihimbo hot springs are clean and partly, they are covered by the nearby eucalyptus forest. They contain chemicals and other minerals such as calcium phosphate, lithium sulphate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride and others. These minerals are credited for their medicinal importance.

The Ihimbo hot springs are suitably located in southwestern Uganda and presents opportunity to tourists on Uganda gorilla trek in Bwindi or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park to also pay a visit. Even tourists on Uganda wildlife safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park or Semuliki National Park can go visit these hot springs.

While on a tour in Ihimbo hot springs, you can as well pay a visit to the Bahima local residents to explore their rich and rare cultures, history, traditions, practices and a lot more. Other than Ihimbo hot springs, Uganda also prides herself as a home to many other powerful hot springs. They include Sempaya hot springs, Kanangorok hot springs, Rwagimba hot springs, Kitagata hot springs, Amoropii hot springs and others.

Where to stay

Places for stay can be found in Kabale town if you plan to visit Ihimbo hot springs. The notable hotels in and around Kabale include Bunyonyi Overland Resort, Crater Bay Cottages, Kings Hotel, Bunyonyi Safaris Resort, Paradise Eco-Hub and others.

Access to Ihimbo hot springs

The Ihimbo hot springs are accessible along Kabale-Katuna road, 8kms from Kabale.