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Is Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda Worthwhile

Is Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda Worthwhile


Mountain gorilla trekking is one of the best safari activities in Africa and this activity can only be done in three countries world-wide; Rwanda and Uganda in East Africa, and Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa. Meanwhile, gorilla trekking in Rwanda is done in the legendary Volcanoes National Park and a gorilla permit here goes for US$ 1,500 per permit to spend the one special and memorable hour with the gorillas.

Rwanda gorilla permits were hiked in May 2017. In 2017, the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) decided to twice the amount of Rwanda’s gorilla permit that was initially costing US$750 and then put it on US $ 1,500. The primary reason for doubling the gorilla permits in Rwanda was however to improve gorilla conservation and the livelihoods of local people living around the park, according to the Rwanda Development Board.

Therefore, the increment of gorilla permit has perhaps brought in new luxury experiences like the exclusive and behind the scene experiences and this has too attracted the establishment of the international premium eco – friendly lodges in the Volcanoes National Park and among them include the Singita Kwitonda Gorilla Lodge and Kataza House, One & Only Gorilla’s Nest Lodge, Bisate Lodge and it is said that soon more premises will be opening up their luxury spaces in the park and a case in point is the Four Season Lodge.

Meanwhile the main question here perhaps asked by many gorilla enthusiasts before heading to Rwanda for their gorilla expeditions is; is gorilla trekking in Rwanda really worthwhile? I will authoritatively and frankly say yes, gorilla trekking in Rwanda is worthwhile. Many gorilla enthusiasts who have taken part and time to do this activity in Rwanda can bear witness. The many reviews from the previous trekkers in Rwanda indicate that gorilla trekking is worth it there.

Normally gorilla trekking is a memorable, magical and life-changing experience worth the time, money and fatigue. Despite the high costs, strenuous trek and time spent on gorilla watching tours in Rwanda, gorilla safaris remain the best wildlife experience worth doing. Over time, most people who have not been to the jungles of Rwanda are the ones asking themselves whether gorilla trekking there is really worth the money, but you will clearly get the absolute ‘’Yes’’ after going there and trek in person.

For the moment however, we can clarify to you that gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda is worth the money. It’s always appropriate to take part in the activity before you can finally draw a final conclusion; gorilla trekking in Rwanda gives you an opportunity to have a close encounter with the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitats.

This is one of the exceptional experiences, which no traveler to Africa shouldn’t miss. The magical feeling that one gets on seeing the human-like characters of gorillas in their families and their social interactions make these gentle giant apes worth visiting.

Always the silverbacks have the role of taking care of the family and the female gorillas feeding their young ones and picking lies from each other is so exciting to look at. Gorilla watching has become one of the most thought of activity with Volcanoes Park in Rwanda being one of the best places to experience this mesmerizing activity – of gorilla trekking.

For travelers on gorilla trekking experience, they are always and strictly given utmost one hour with the gorillas. The one hour starts from the time you encounter the gorillas. But the actual time spent in the jungle trekking gorillas can be from 20 minutes to 6 hours depending on the current location of the gorillas on that particular day. Trekkers are therefore advised to utilize this one magical hour carefully studying the social character, photo shooting, capture the videos and enjoy the full company of the gorillas in their natural habitat.

With no doubt however, gorilla trekking is a worthwhile activity; all the discomfort and fatigue disappear the moment you set eyes on the gorillas. That excitement and feeling will definitely give you more strength and make you want to spent more and more of your time with these beautiful apes. Gorilla trekking is a strenuous adventure, which needs hiking through the thick jungle forests with muddy and slippery grounds, especially during the rainy/wet season in November.

More amazing with gorilla trekking in Rwanda is that you will not need to drive the longer distances like it is in other countries to access their gorilla refuge (Gorilla Park). The Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda’s gorilla refuge, is situated just a 2 hours’ drive (on a thoroughly tarmac road) from the Kigali International Airport and Kigali City – Rwanda’s capital compared to its close competitor, Uganda, where you drive over 9 hours to access its gorilla refuges. This reduces the fatigue you get while driving and also saves time, as you can even trek the gorillas and fly back on that very day you arrive in Rwanda.

Rwanda gorilla trekking is also much easier unlike in the other countries (Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo) offering the same activity. Therefore, for those who have been asking themselves whether gorilla trekking in Rwanda is worthwhile you should know that it is an absolute ‘’Yes’’. Just spare some little time on your busy schedule and give Rwanda a visit, you will evidence it by yourself that really gorilla trekking in Rwanda is a very worthwhile experience. You can experience a luxury tour in Rwanda on a carefully crafted tour organized by one of the local tour operators listed on this website.

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