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Top 10 Gorilla Safaris to Take in Africa

Top 10 Gorilla Safaris to Take in Africa


It’s known that perfect gorilla safari holidays are found in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo but the demand depends on the travelers’ interest and budget. However, every gorilla safari experience make Africa a top destination but here is a list of the most loved gorilla treks that you may find pleasing  to take on or advise a friend heading to Africa for gorilla trekking.

2-3 Days Gorilla Treks

The 2-3 day tours are most done in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo especially for travelers with limited time. Its has always been the best option to explore the secret jungle wild forests of gorillas on short notice, Tourist find it fine to start a 2 day gorilla trek in Kigali and track gorillas in Uganda or do a three day Rwanda gorilla tour or 3 day Uganda gorilla safari tour or 3 day Congo gorilla tour to Virunga national park. All the above gorilla tours are good for budget and luxury travelers who struggle to fix time and experience the other side of the beautiful countries in Africa. Don’t miss to experience the life in the wild with gorillas for 2-3 days and search for the unique forest creatures.

Gorillas & Wildlife Safaris

Do you want to see gorilla and wildlife; this is a perfect gorilla safari tour that takes you to see gorillas, chimpanzees, wildlife, birds, hippos and crocodiles but organized in Uganda to Queen Elizabeth national Park and Bwindi forest National Park. See all the above in just 4 days and 3 nights. These two parks are well stocked with everything that including amazing views and tree climbing lions. The two Uganda national parks are also known for fabulous tour adventures as well as the most visited in the country. However, those with enough time can spend more 2 days in the same destination since they really have a lot in stock to offer and in that case a 5-6 day gorilla and wildlife safari Uganda can do.

Gorillas and Nyiragongo Hike

This tour will start and end in Kigali, hiking Nyiragongo active Volcano in Democratic republic of Congo with overnight at the top and then tracking the mountain gorillas in either Virunga national park or Volcanoes National park-Rwanda. It’s wonderful for choice for the fit and adventurers and the reward is lifetime memories that never fade. However, one should be looking at exploring Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. 4-5 days are enough for this trip and its affordable for both budget and luxury travelers.

Lowland & mountain Gorilla Trekking Tours

Tracking gorillas has always been the top wildlife encounter in Africa but tracking both low land and mountain gorillas is a great encounter that takes you to two different jungle forests of Virunga and Kahuzi Biega. Both treks look similar but the experience is totally different worth exploring. No need to embark on long road drives from Virunga national park to Kahuzi Biega national park yet the easy route by boat waits.

However, if you just want to track gorillas twice in the same jungle forest  of your choice is something that tour agents organize occasionally hence offering the best double trekking gorilla safari experiences in Africa.

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