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It is inadvisable to enter or depart an African country with large sums of local currency

Travel with a sufficient number of small-denomination traveller checks to cover any incidental expenses you may have

In cities and larger towns many establishments accept international credit cards

Usually there is no limit to the amount of foreign currency you can import

Currency exchange is legal only through authorized dealers. Most city hotels are equipped to exchange money and more often than not the official exchange rate will usually be quite favorable. It is ill-advised to try to exchange your money on the black market (for a better rate). Doing so is an unnecessary security risk, and there’s a good chance you may get ripped off.

ATMs are usually available in most cities and towns but remember this is not America or Europe so plan accordingly

You may tip in local currency or U.S. dollars (more likely than not most locals would prefer being tipped in dollars)

You can change your travellers checks and dollars into local currency at airports and banks. Small denominations are preferrable. Always keep your receipt so that you can exchange any excess local currency back to dollars on your departure

Keep at least $150 (usually in denominations no larger than $20) in cash, for visas and airport departure fees (per individual)

Be aware that only high-denomination US bills printed after year 2000 are generally accepted (something to do with counterfeit preventative measures)

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