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Did you know that tipping impacts much on the lives of the service providers or local community members in the destination? Are you planning to spend your next safari holiday in Uganda and you are wondering how much you can tip or which people to tip? Mountain gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda has for long featured as a lifetime experience that shouldn’t miss out in your bucket list. This dramatic primate adventure in Uganda is conducted in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park, southwest of the country. A lot of information has been published about the rare mountain gorillas however; you may need to know some of the tips or advice on the way that you can easily have the most memorable experience while on your primate safari in the pearl of Africa. Tipping while on gorilla adventure in Uganda is 100% allowed though it isn’t a must that you have to do so while on mountain gorilla safari. However, the practice is welcome for interested and travelers. You may not know what change your tip will cause in the lives of those offering a service to you and their families or local communities. Tipping is ideally of great significance and something interesting especially for a good service rendered to you by say waitress, waiter, driver guide, park guide or local community members whose performance pleased you. It means that visitors can give their tips based on their willingness and we offer some of the tips to help you not to over appreciate or under appreciate any kind of good service offered to you while on your gorilla safari in Uganda.

For the good work done by a driver guide, your tip is highly welcome as this is your immediate person who will always be with you from the very first day of your trip till the last day that your holiday will be done in the destination. He becomes the overall in charge and ensures that you are transferred from your area of stay in Kampala/Entebbe to a preferred destination whether Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park or Mgahinga National Park for your lifetime adventures in Uganda.  Meaning if you are for instance four clients or more, you can decide to offer your appreciation to your driver guide by giving at least $10 to $20 each person and you can do so in your last day of gorilla safari. And for single or 2 visitors, you can give your tip depending on your willingness and level of service provided.

Tips for park guides are equally appreciated as they are ones who take you through the strenuous steep slopes, thick forests, slippery forest trails to look out for the group of mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. For park guides, you can choose to tip them at least $5 to $15 in a group of eight visitors and usually they have a central tipping box at park headquarters or alternatively, you can give your tip directly to a guide or head guide who then distribute the amount to all guides involved in the process of gorilla adventure.

If you hire a porter to assist you carry your heavy load during breathtaking gorilla adventure, never forget to give him something at end at least $2 to $3 in addition to $15 that you will pay for hiring him. On other side, never forget to appreciate the waitresses, waiters at the restaurants, lodges, hotels or any other area that you were rendered better service. You can decide to tip such persons at least $3 to $5 each time of your stay and or simply drop your tip in the central tipping box such that they can share. For those of you who become pleased by the service of specific waiter or waitress you can give your tip directly to such an individual. Also, note that as you are on direct interaction with waiters or waitresses there are other workers behind and they equally deserve to be appreciated.

In conclusion, tipping isn’t a must to do thing but it is a generally accepted practice that you need to consider while on mountain gorilla tracking safaris in Uganda. Tipping advise also differ from one tour company to another and not necessarily as spelt out!