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Suma waterfall is undoubtedly a hidden treasure for tourists on gorilla safari in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park shouldn’t miss to explore. This waterfall is located in Suma Village Southwestern Uganda a walk to it takes 4-5 hours, about 6kms. You navigate through the local community, farmland and upon reaching, you can enjoy swimming, bird sights and also engage in cultural experiences.

Access to Suma Fall from Rushaga & Nkuringo

From Rushaga, it takes you 1.5 hours to drive to Suma fall and half an hour from Nkuringo. This waterfall is found in an area with over 500 people and the village is known for a man with over 16 wives.

Suma WaterfallWhat to see on Suma Fall walk?

Suma waterfall is magical and strategically located in an area with beautiful tree species, endemic bird species especially Great blue eared starling, Northern double collared sunbird, violet backed starling and others. This makes birding one interesting activity tourists on a nature walk to Suma waterfall to enjoy. For exciting bird sighting, embark on your walk during the morning hours. It is possible to incorporate gorilla trekking adventure plus other activities offered in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park with Suma waterfall walk which is 4-5 hours’ on-foot-walk experience.

About waterfalls

Waterfalls are a mass of water which drop off a cliff rapidly. Generally, they are very scenic and offer amazing experience. Some are very powerful and you get astonished by the powerful roar.

Besides Suma fall, Uganda also has a range of other beautiful falls worth visiting on Uganda safari. They include Munyanga Falls, Murchison Falls, The Sipi Falls, Ssezibwa falls, Kisizi Falls, Aruu Falls, Karuma Falls, Mpanga Falls, Itanda Falls, Nkusi falls, Mahoma falls to mention but a few. Some of these waterfalls are amazing for boat cruise, kayaking, white water rafting among other exciting activities.