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Mountain biking in Bwindi national park follow a well-maintained trail from the park headquarters at Buhoma to the Ivi River. the biking trail was set up as an initiative to support the local community organized by Buhoma Community Rest Camp under the theme “Ride for a Woman. Along this 13km trail one has a chance to view wildlife such as bushbucks, black-and-white colobus and red-tailed monkeys. Biking is let by well-trained guides who point out some of the beautiful sights making sure you absolutely enjoy your ride. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest provides the perfect backdrop for such an activity.

Village Bike Ride basically follows the route that you take when you go for the village walk, except you are on a mountain bike, on this bike ride, you will find yourself in the communities of Bakiga and Batwa people. Visit the craft center, the banana brewery, and gin distillery, the river where the women wash their clothes and you can see an abundance of butterflies on the rock, the traditional healer with his medicines from the forest.

During this bike ride visitors learn about the lifestyles of the Batwa as well as Bakiga people and will see as well as learn things they knew nothing about.
Tour the fascinating craft center, the traditional medicinal healer with his different medicines collected from the forest, the gin distillery and the banana brewery, Mukono Primary School, as well as the river to see women washing their clothes in addition to observe the plentiful of butterflies on the adjacent rock and above all the Batwa-Pygmy community. Do all this on a mountain bike in the company of a private guide to answer any question as well as point out the various things in this community.

Carry along a snack plus plenty of drinking water to take during the breaks within the forest. Not forgetting a camera to capture the beautiful moments with the locals along the way and a few attractions you will encounter along.