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A medical kit at hand is always a good idea while on African safari holiday whether you plan to go on gorilla trekking safari, wildlife tour or adventure. But what most visitors do not know or aren’t sure of is what items to include on their medical kits. In this article, you will be exploring how you should pack your medical kit and essentials to include in it.

Travel Medical KitBandages/plasters

Plasters or bandages are essential in any medical kit. They are significant especially for minor injury like cuts or graze. They come in different sizes and for visitors with a plan to go for gorilla trekking or any form of trekking and you aren’t used to physical exercises, consider them a must-have.


Gauze is one essential item that shouldn’t miss out from your medical kit on gorilla safari in Uganda, Rwanda or DR Congo. The advantage with it is that it can be applied on a wound, soak up blood, prevent bleeding or clean an injury. The best gauze to have on your medical kit is the individually wrapped sterile squares. This will relieve you from cutting them into sizes when you may urgently need them.

Crepe bandages

Crepe bandages are the best especially if you have a little bigger thing than just a cut. These are perfect choice for you to keep small dressings clean and in place till you can receive some medical attention. Note, they are mostly used during emergency and only when you get professional medical care. Therefore, no need to carry large quantities and 1 or 2 can be enough.

Surgical tape

For emergencies, surgical tape is very important to have especially if you are to apply and secure gauze or bandage to a wound.


Tweezers are of great value especially when you need to pull out splinters, small bits of stone or dirt while cleaning a wound or for other practical uses.

Antiseptic wipes

A good pack of medical kit on gorilla trekking tour should have antiseptic wipes. No one desires to have his or her cut or wound to be infected and that why antiseptic wipes play a significant role in cleaning perfectly prior dressing the wound or cut.

Prescribed medicines

For visitors who are currently taking any prescribed medication, we advise you that you have adequate supply of it with you before you set off for gorilla safari trip. Note, you may find it challenging to replace it when it runs out while you are still on gorilla safari holiday.

Small scissors

Scissors should be a must to pack on your medical kit. They are valuable for trimming gauze or bandages to useful sizes of your choice.

Pain relief tablets

You need some pack of pain relief tablets like basic paracetamol if you are embarking on adventure experience.

Others include loperamide tablets, antibacterial creams, antihistamine cream, distilled water for you to clean wounds, eye wash and eye bath, cough medicine, skin rash cream, thermometer preferably, have digital one and many more.