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Getting travel insurance is essential especially where you can’t self-medicate. Safaris to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Southwestern Uganda like most other African destinations consists of distinct activities for tourists to engage in. You can choose to go gorilla trek to see mountain gorillas, birding, nature walks, cultural encounter, biking but your safety is very important. You can only get covered from costs of treatment considering the high costs only if you have comprehensive travel insurance.

Generally, travel insurance is aimed at safeguarding travelers while in the destination enjoying their holiday. Insuring yourself isn’t for luxury but for your safety. It covers a lot of risks while on gorilla trekking safari in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. During your Bwindi trip, anything can occur and the best alternative is to have insurance. It may not be the highlight of your Bwindi trip but it is essential as you plan to engage in any activity.

Travel InsuranceWhy get insurance for your Bwindi trip?

  • Getting insured isn’t about how careful you plan to be during your Bwindi trip but essential to have it each time you have plans to go explore the different side of the world. Note, not all travel insurance has all packages and therefore, you have to be keen on which one you need that fits your type of trip.
  • While safari destinations like Bwindi Impenetrable National Park are safe and secure for a trip, anything can happen just like any other destination. What is distinct is that, when you are in a new destination, it becomes challenging to find treatment or health care and the best is to have travel insurance.

What a travel insurance covers

When looking for the best travel insurance, take note of the following factors. The insurance package you choose for should be covering the following.

  • The travel destinations; prior getting an insurance policy of any kind, make sure it covers the destinations you plan to explore. Carry out some research before making your final decision.
  • Medical repatriation; this is expensive and it is more like an emergency. It covers several things ranging from airlifts to medical evacuations. But you can make a small fee on it.
  • Medical; a good travel insurance policy should cover medical. This doesn’t mean you will get injured or sick but essential to have it. Make sure that you adequate medical coverage since basic insurance policies normally cover only minor illness or injuries.
  • Safari activities; depending on your safari activities you plan to participate; ensure the insurance policy you purchase does cover them.
  • Trip delays; while on a tour, there are higher chances that you may delay behind the scheduled time for your flight due to unavoidable circumstances. Find out if there is room to get compensated by an insurance company you will be dealing with.
  • Other factors you should check if your insurance does cover while on Bwindi trip include personal belonging, pre-existing conditions waiver (some insurance agencies tend not to insure persons with pre-existing medical condition), weather coverage, age limitations.