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How Much is Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

How Much is Gorilla Trekking in Uganda


Uganda has wildlife in abundance and you can see variety of animals including mountain gorillas. Most visitors to Uganda focus most on gorilla tours unlike others being the most unique adventure in the country. A trip to see mountain gorillas has always been unforgettable and tourists even decide to see them twice on a double trekking tour in any park of their choice. Arrangements can be made so long as you place in your request at the time of booking.

With the many gorilla tours in Uganda, Bwindi is the best gorilla trekking park for those interested in life changing holidays. However, different gorilla tours cost differently according to accommodation, travel period and number of days. It’s easy to pay less and enjoy your gorilla trek with multiple added memories if you make a right choice. Many tour agents in Uganda organize a wide range of gorilla trekking holidays giving multiple price options, budget, mid-range and luxury.

1.Gorilla Trekking Permits

No gorilla safari can be successful without a Uganda gorilla permit since it’s the main essential of the adventure. Did you know that gorilla permits cost differently in Uganda in different months of the year?, giving opportunity to visitors to engage in different Uganda gorilla trekking  holidays. High season months gorilla permits cost $600 while low season months cost $ 450 the best time to book cheap gorilla tours in Uganda. Despite the fact that gorilla trekking tours look expensive for every visitor, April, May and November offer the most affordable gorilla tour options found in no any other mountain gorilla trekking country except Uganda. Are free in April and May or November is your target?, Uganda gorilla tours are open will interesting permit discounts. Book your gorilla permit with a travel agent and get advised best on how best you can enjoy your trek or book directly with the Uganda Wildlife Authority head office in Kampala. However, tour agents are best in this thing.

2. Gorilla Tour Accommodation in Uganda

When booking a gorilla tour in Uganda, gorilla lodges and accommodation are critical because they can either mess your trek or make it successful. They can make the gorilla tour price go low or high since some gorilla tracking accommodations are costly. Either you sleep in budget, mid-range or luxury gorilla accommodation, the gorilla trekking experience will be same at the end of the day since you will meet up on the day for the trek, and track the same gorilla family in the jungle. Guests are free to sleep and also track gorillas but remember to use lodges in line with your budget. If your accommodation budget is $50-$80 find room in budget gorilla tracking lodges,$100-$200 per night mid-range lodges can do  best while $300-$1000  per night the classic luxury touch can feel your stay. Here is some of the gorilla tracking lodges and campsites that you should look at as you book your gorilla trekking tour in Uganda. Buhoma community rest camp, Nshongi gorilla camp, trekkers tervan, Gorilla mist camp, Bakiga lodge, Ruhija safari lodge, gorilla safari lodge, Mahogany springs lodge, gorilla forest camp, volcanoes safari lodge, clouds gorilla lodge, Mgahinga safari lodge, Mgahinga campsite among others.

3. Best Uganda gorilla tours

In Uganda, there are many Uganda gorilla tours that range from 2 days to 10 days and above but all tour duration depend on the tourist interest. Usually long gorilla trekking trips are more expensive compared to short trips because they cover several destinations attractions. Taking about Uganda gorilla tours doesn’t mean a visit to Bwindi forest national park or Mgahinga but a trip to see gorillas as well as other attractions in the country. To explore your trek and spend less, a 2-3 days gorilla trekking tour Uganda is the best since you only spend on gorilla permits, transport and accommodation. However, other trips like 5-10 days are good but somehow cost more than the 3 day gorilla trek since they involve park entrance fees, chimpanzee permits, other park activities, transport , accommodation for more days though they take you to the most incredible attractions of the country. Alternatively would recommend trip with friends and family or join available group tours to cut costs on short and long gorilla treks.

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