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How to Avoid Malaria on a Uganda Safari

How to Avoid Malaria on a Uganda Safari


Mosquitoes are very common and quite many in Uganda and Africa as well. Not because we have a lot of stagnant waters or bushy areas but because we are true agriculturalists. All our homes and surroundings are green and an avoidable.

Meaning if you are from foreign countries you may get issues with malaria here in Uganda on a Uganda safari. Malaria is the leading cause of death in Uganda for children below 5 years. It is a very dangerous disease that we try to avoid all the time but still living with us here.

The government of Uganda has tried as much as possible to create awareness to its people about the disease and how to overcome this disease. We are very much aware of malaria here and follow the health directives to avoid it as well.

What can you do to avoid malaria on a Uganda safari?

First things first you will need a malaria vaccine if you have any available in your home country. We are not sure if it is available but if it is please do get it before you travel to Uganda or a safari. if there is not any we suggest taking unti-malaria drugs as soon as possible before you travel.

Did you know that mosquitoes like a lot of light? Using minimal light or when needed, will reduce the number of mosquitoes roaming around you all the time on a Uganda safari.

A mosquito repellent should be on your number on top list of things you planned for a Uganda safari after a gorilla permit. Which are the best mosquito repellents to use? I do not know either but what the doctor’s say is that the good and effective repellents contain at least 20 per cent DEET as their active ingredient.

A mosquito net, most probably you have never slept in a mosquito net all your life. But yes it’s a very good one when it comes to a Uganda safari not because of mosquitoes only but also other bugs that will be in the wild as you enjoy your good night sleep in the wild.

Wearing the right clothing’s for a Uganda safari would do you good and prevent you from getting malaria on a Uganda safari. In the evening mostly try to put on long trousers and shirts for dinner not the nice dresses. Most people know that we have summer all the days and tend to park so slightly to get this feeling but it will not hurt getting in some jeans. Another tip is to wear light-colored clothes, as darker shades attract more insects.

You may not have realized, but mosquitoes have a real sweet tooth – sugar is a major energy booster for them. This means that the higher your intake of sugar, the more at risk you are of mosquito bites. They also tend to smell wheat from a distance and will stick around.

Another means of repelling mosquitoes is to use mosquito coils. Place them underneath your bed, sleeping bag or other equipment in order to ward off the blood sucking pests. Despite their rather unwelcoming odour, these devices are highly effective at repelling bugs, and are quite long lasting as well – they can last as long as 8 hours in the best of cases.

If you are using deodorant, after-shave or perfume in order to attract a certain someone, then be aware that you will be attracting mosquitoes as well! Mosquitoes are heavily drawn to the sweet-smelling aroma of these accessories, so avoid laying them on too thick!

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