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Guide to Best Times to Visit Bwindi Gorillas

Guide to Best Times to Visit Bwindi Gorillas


For all previous years, numerous travelers in different categories such as backpackers, diplomats, researchers have been finding new destinations all over the world and this has frequently led to discovering of adequate adventurous places with more beautiful sites especially in Africa. In other words a specific visitor would love a destination that would keep him a calm profile with memorable experience, for sure if travelling is your hobby you may not look straight to cons of a safari just because you keep your zeal of excitement high waiting for the day you will start off.
What gets to your mindset is how you will enjoy it, feel it miraculously,  the special foods and breakfast with imagination of the sun rise and sun set, the accommodation facilities to use in the foreign land notably the real move of your safari which may be a savanna cruise for different canning wildlife species in the wilderness, mountaineering to the peaks, birding safaris, or even enjoying the culture of the place, However in this open world of tourism everyone would think of a first class adventure or book for a safari that would make him feel as a king.
This is non-other than the mighty mountain gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, for the case of Bwindi impenetrable national park your anxiety gets higher and higher when you go rubbing your shoulders with the gorillas in their families, not only that but taking the same trail with the world’s most endangered species in the jungle, for sure this is reality not a myth because many have made the impossible possible amidst the thick forests.

A traveller may take a few questions about the time to visit Bwindi Impenetrable National park for a gorilla safari trek, this is where we should now focus although most of don’t it so serious to find what better time you can visit the jungle for gorilla safaris.
Uganda is the peal of Africa and it lies within the equatorial bounds, where there various water forests that play very big role in the climate of the country.

The pearl of Africa mainly faces two main rainy seasons through the year and that is during the months of March to May and normally there are high rains during this period than the second season of rain that starts in October to November with little rains. Whoever due to the current climatic change in world there can be signs of rain unpredicted in the due course and Uganda being an equatorial zone you expect weather change simultaneously.

Clients find it a convenience travelling to Uganda especially to Bwindi impenetrable national park for gorilla tracking in June to September and October then December to February, this is because during these months the country is expecting minimum or less rainfall and it turns so clear that the roads are in good conditions especially the upcountry route like in savanna parks of Murchison falls, kidepo Valley national park and Queen Elizabeth national parks, it is a good period for game viewing especially on water points when the animals concentrate to drink water on sunny days, there is a good focus in the wilderness and photographers enjoy the amazing activity in open roof 4×4 vehicles.

In these months visitors for gorilla trekking safaris find best moments when the jungle is not so wet or soaky, the ground is not slippery and the impenetrable can be penetrated easily. Whoever every individual is by far advised to prepare the necessary equipment for this tiresome but paying gorilla tracking activity, you should carry yourself a rain court in case of unpredicted rain in the tropics, dress frequently in long sleeves to be protected from the itching sting nettles, put on jungle boots and fix your long punts into socking to prevent for the red ants in transit. You are now in the jungle and nature rules the forest!

Alternatively there are clients who decide to travel in the months that Uganda is experiencing much rains, this can’t stop them from gorilla trekking or any activity of a kind in the park in months of March to May and November, this is regarded as a low season because gorilla permits are discounted to 25% of the official prices in the high season, in this case the original price of a single gorilla permit is USD 600 but now it is reduced to USD450.

Visitor who select to travel during this period take lots of benefits just because the owners of the accommodation facilities in different destinations also reduce their price to amounts affordable to everyone. Revealing by Experience Mountain gorillas move to the slopes because at this time there is plenty of food below the height which is also an added advantage to gorilla trekkers that the elevation is low and there is no tremendous hikes in the jungle, in other words no reason for further distances looking for the endangered mountain gorillas in the mist.

In a nutshell gorilla safari trek is an activity that is done all year round in Uganda no matter what time either in the high or low season, rainy or sunny the experience is still awesome, for further information and clarification please contact us through info@gorillasafaritrek.com. Otherwise we welcome you to wild jungle for the world’s most endangered species.

Please Note: The same gorilla trekking time applies to our neighbours in Rwanda in the Virunga ranges of Volcanoes national park because the two countries lie in the tropics and they are near the equator and areas in this region receive a lot of rainfall.

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