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Who Is Eligible To Trek Mountain Gorillas In Uganda

Who Is Eligible To Trek Mountain Gorillas In Uganda


Meeting the critically endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitats is every ones dream. Travelers all over the world surely prefer to spend some time with these gentle giant mountain gorillas that share over 98% DNA with humans hence the close relatives to human beings. Planning a gorilla safari, advance booking and preparation is very essential to save yourself from any disappoint at the last hour. Although trekking the gorillas is every one’s desire, not everyone is allowed to meet and interact with these gentle mountain gorillas. Note who is eligible to trek mountain gorillas.

A person aged 15 years and above.

For travelers to take part in gorilla trekking must be aged 15 years and above. The age restriction is very serious and all travel agents in all countries highlight it to avoid any disappointment to visitors. When booking, all travelers are asked to submit in their passport details to clarify their date of birth. The reason for age limit is the strenuous nature of gorilla trekking that include hiking through deep forests with slippery muddy grounds, which are difficult for the young kids.

Even though mountain gorillas are habituated and used to people, they remain wild and can charge anytime if disrupted. The young children also may not adhere to the trekking rules and regulations such as keeping a distance of seven meters and keeping clam.

Having a gorilla permit.

Every traveler must possess a gorilla permit to be allowed to trek the mountain gorillas. They are also called the gorilla pass, they are issued by the Uganda wildlife authority in Uganda, Rwanda development board in Rwanda and virunga national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

On the day of trekking, every traveler has to be with a gorilla permit. There prices vary between country to country. Each country has a different price for its gorilla permits. Visitors are required to book their permits as early as 6 months prior the trekking date in order to secure your permits because they are on high demand.

Please note; travelers are required to carry other travel documents such as passports, Visas and other related papers for clarification.

Good health.

Travelers must be free from any kind of sickness especially communicable diseases such as cold, flue and cough which easily spread from people to mountain gorillas. Travelers are required to come along with their medical letters to prove their good health and yellow fever vaccination certificate.

Since mountain gorillas are close relatives to human genes, they are susceptible to human illnesses hence putting them on risk. So travelers are reminded to face away their faces from the gorillas in case one is coughing and sneezing. Before coming for a gorilla safari, visit your doctor for check up and get medication to prevent any upcoming sickness.

Then if the visitor gets sick the night to trekking date, you are given back your money or given a chance to trek another day but not on that day.

Physically fit.

Gorilla trekking is a strenuous adventure through deep forests, thorny bushes and steep slopes. Travelers to enjoy gorilla trekking must be physically fit to avoid altitude sicknesses. Therefore travelers are required to do exercises like running, walking and hiking to prepare for the strenuous hikes. The rules and requirements for trekking the gorillas are similar in both gorilla destinations.

Trekking the gorillas is a life time experience every traveler should not dare miss on a Uganda safari. Mountain gorillas can only be seen in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo, secure your permit and get a golden chance to meet these gentle giants in the wild.

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