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Hiking gear and what you need to know about hiking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Before tourists engage in hiking, they have to make sure they have the appropriate gear and dress appropriately. This involves;

Wearing long sleeved shirts to protect the arms from the effect of stinging nettles, scratching tree branches

Wear long trousers and long socks, and then tack the trousers into the socks to prevent insects from entering your pants.

Tourists have to wear strong hiking boots with enough ankle support that will allow you to climb easily to rocky areas and areas of higher elevations.

Wear garden gloves because in the process of hiking you will need to support yourself using tree branches which may have thorns.

A walking stick is also handy for supporting yourself during hiking especially through slippery and rocky slopes.

Carry a backpack for your lunch, snacks, water and your camera and phones.

Only carry phones when you need to take photographs not for making calls because of the poor network

Carry drinking water and snacks are also important, because some trails take the whole day.

Leave early for your hike/walk because there is a tendency it is raining in the afternoon hours.

Besides the renowned gorilla trekking adventure that Bwindi is known for, tourists can visit this Park for nature walks/hiking which involve going through well designed trails. These trails culminate into magnificent view of waterfalls, primates, bird and plant species. Engage in nature walks using these trails and you will leave Uganda totally satisfied.