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Bwindi Cats

Bwindi on Camera – Up close with Golden Cats

Bwindi on Camera – Up close with Golden Cats

Bwindi Cats

We are finally getting near the end of the selected pictures from the recent camera trap efforts in Bwindi. We’ve gone through over 15,000 but today it is finally time for my favourites.

These animals are amazing. These are golden cats.

Some background information: The African golden cat Caracal aurata is Africa’s most poorly known cat species. We know almost nothing about their ecology and behaviour. The African golden cat has traditionally been included in the genus Felis or Profelis (full synonyms: Profelis aurata andFelis aurata) but various molecular data confirm it is most closely allied with the Caracal Caracal caracal.

There are not many good pictures of these cats in the wild (but see our previous cat blogs). These pictures are special so we/I kept them until near the end.

Bwindi Cats on Camera

Bwindi Golden Cat

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