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If you are planning a gorilla safari in Uganda am sure you are looking at the rules and regulations that guide the gorilla trekking exercise as it will be done successful.

As it is with all protected animals and in this case the mountain gorillas are even endangered wild animals meaning the protection given to them is much higher than what we usually see with protected animals around the world.

Before gorilla trekking

  • Booking and reservations are done three months to the trekking date and if you are luck you can get it even a moth too. A gorilla permit for trekking is $700 and $1500 for gorilla habituation.
  • To a maximum of8 persons will be allowed to do gorilla trekking in one given habituated family in a day. This minimizes the risks associated to diseases
  • 16 years and above with clean washed hands before and after going into the forest, this has been going on even before Covid 19

During the gorilla trekking journey

  • Do not litter, plastic is not allowed in the forest as well as littering any food staffs their
  • Keep your voices down; though this forest is commonly known for mountain gorillas it does have a lot of other wild life. Keeping your voice downs keeps the environment cool not to attract any other wildlife.
  • Keep in line and around the game rangers

When with the gorillas

When You are with the Gorillas

Stay in company with the rangers and all the other group members that are doing the gorilla trekking with you to be safe in case of anything.

Keep your voices very down not to irritate or disturb the gorillas because they can choose to move away from you.

In case the gorillas become aggressive do not run away or make any noise, they will attack thinking its war, follow the ranger’s instructions or for self-defense come down and crawl down slowly avoiding looking directly in its eyes, eye contact means confirming the riot or anything.

Keep at least 7 feet away from the gorillas; this actually is for the best of you just in case the gorillas attack you at a good distance for the rangers to intervene. Though at the same time this is good for the gorillas not to feel intimidated and disease transmission is reduced because we share 98%DNA

Do not ever risk coming very close to the mountain gorilla even if you are doing gorilla habituation experience. Gorillas are still wild animals and can attack at any time without any warning.

Do not eat or smoke near a mountain gorilla ever in you life because that experience with be personal with the gorilla or rangers, actually you may face very heavy penalties and fines including jail.

Flash photography is prohibited and comes along with penalties as well in the park.

Keeping in mind that the mountain gorillas have got the 98DNA with humans please keep at home in case you have got any diseases that are transmitted through air or touching surfaces, we can easily transmit a lot of infections to the mountain gorillas through gorillas trekking.