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SAD NEWS: Bwiruka, a Female Gorilla Dies in Bwindi

SAD NEWS: Bwiruka, a Female Gorilla Dies in Bwindi


Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) reported that on Monday a Senior Adult female Bwiruka was found dead . Bwiruka, a local name for the one who knows how to run fast was one of the oldest female gorillas in the Nshongi Family.

Bwiruka was found dead by trackers who were visiting the Nshongi Family in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Friend a gorilla reports that the cause of death is yet to be established but is suspected to be advanced age since she had been noticed to be frail and trailing the family members most of the times in the recent past.

It should be noted that Bwindi Forest has a population of around 340 gorillas of which an estimated 116 are habituated. Gorillas are intelligent, majestic, gentle giants that share over 90% of their genetic material with humans. All of Bwindi’s habituated gorillas are known individually by the rangers and have been given names in order to identify them.

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